Broken Promises

Casey is a girl always getting into some sort of trouble; she sleeps on the streets and gets into plenty of fights with anyone and everyone.
When one night as she is in a heated fight with a gang of guys she thinks that her time has come; but just when she thinks it’s all over the one and only Louis Tomlinson comes to her rescue.
Can he break past all the walls Casey has put up? Or is he just another typical boyband member?


1. Life in The Streets

Chapter 1 - Life in The Streets


Let’s get a few facts straight.

My name is Casey Atwood, I am 18 years old. I have no home, no family, no job, no money and no life. But I don’t want pity. None at all. I’m completely alright with the way I am living; I have been doing the same thing day in day out for too many years to count...

I am a tough girl and I never let anyone or anything get the better of me. For me feelings don’t exist, they are for the weak and I Casey Atwood am NOT weak.

At least that’s what I thought...



“You better watch yourself or next time you may end up worse, you got off light this time you lucky bugger.” I whispered evilly into the ear of my victim.

The fear in his eyes was delicious; it gave me such a rush. I removed the knife from his neck and he dropped to the ground in a heap. He crawled to his feet and sprinted away in a hurry, like he was scared or something! (Ah sometimes I’m just too funny for my own good).

Truth is he didn’t do anything to me, he merely walked past the alley way I was in. but I needed some cash and he looked rich enough.

I began walking down to the local Tesco looking at myself in one of the shop windows on the way. My green eyes were bright and full of energy from my recent ‘hunting’ expedition, the reddish-brown ugly hair that was mine was messily pulled up in a ponytail. My jeans were ripped and splattered in my victims’ blood, people gave me some funny looks for it but I was beyond caring. My grey hoodie was quite dirty and huge on me because I pulled it out of a garbage bin in among my travels; I flipped up the hood and kept walking. My head remained down because I didn’t want anyone to recognize me.

 You see, recently I kind of I don’t know.... killed someone... Although it wasn’t actually my fault, I mean that kid was giving me the absolute shits, so now the fuzz are trying to catch me. So I ran, ran from Holmes Chapel to London. Yeah it was a decent run but that is the one thing I am actually good at! Well ya know besides terrifying people....

All my life I have just run from everything, I can confront anyone and take them down no worries. But when it comes to my own troubles that I just cannot bare to face.

I walked into Tesco and with the £20 I stole from the guy I started searching around the aisles for something to buy. Walking down one of the aisles I saw another one of those bloody One Direction posters promoting some shit that no one cares about. I ripped it down and stomped on it with my dirty, holey sneakers.

I ended up buying a six pack of beer and a packet of Doritos and started walking to the nearest park. I plonked myself down on a bench next to a street light; it was as cold as anything so I crossed my legs and wrapped my arms around myself trying to keep warm. Being as late as it was I decided I may as well get wasted, so in the flickering light of the street lamp I drank myself stupid not caring about my life at all.

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