The 100th hunger games-The Games-Pick your own path

Whale since I hate writing the before bits, im skipping straight to the games. Its going to be kind of a pick your path thing. Your name is Marissa Aneen and your are thirteen, from district eleven.
Happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favour.


1. The Bloodbath

 1. You're standing on your plate, and thinking about what you are going to do. You know that you're from an outer district and therefore should run, but you see something that you like, about twenty metres in; a bag, which could contain your key to survival, but you notice another bigger boy is looking at it. The gong sounds, what do you do?

*If you run in to fetch the bag, go to 2

*If you run away, go to 3

*If you run into the blood bath, go to 4

2. You decide on running in to get the Bag, because it could contain anything,. the boy sees you there and decides its not worth conpflict. He runs off, into the thick of the bloodbath and gets killed by a passing career. The careers then sees you and walks towards you. Now what do you do?

*If you run away, go to 5

*If you run into the bloodbath, go to 6

*If you decide to try and fight him, go to 7

3. You run, not wanting to risk the bag. When you get to the edge of the field, you turn around and survey the field, the bag is still sitting there and the boy is dead. You breathe a sigh of relief.

*Go to 8

4. You run into the bloodbath, and just keep running. A knife gets swung at you, and you fall down. A career leans over you and says,"goodnight." The knife pierces your chest, and you die.


5. You see the career, and scoopt the bag up, and decide to run. Unfortunately, the bag slows you, but you still run, with the career right behind you. In a  panic, you throw the bag at the careers face, and he stumbles, falling over his own feet. You keep running until you rwach the edge of the field.

*Go to 8

6. The career stares at you, and you run into the bloodbath, right into the thick of things but it gets you away from the carrer. But now you have bigger issues; the other tributes. What do you do?

*If you try and get something, to to 9

*if you stand still, go to 10

*if you throw your bag at a passing tribute, go to 11.

7. He walks towards you, and grins,"you going to run?" You dont reply, instead you run at him and tackle him to the ground. He grunts and shoves you off,"Im going to kill you little bitch." "Good luck," you say and flip your hair. Unfortunately he is bigger and stronger then you. You die.


8. You decide to keep running and just try and put as much space as you can between you and the other tributes. After all, your only mission is survival.

*Go to 12

9. Its no good. You manage to scavenge a water bottle but the boy from seven see's you and kills you quickly. One slash and its all over.


10. You freeze up. Not knowing what to do but then you remember what your mentor told you. Run. Taking a steadying breath you do just that.

*Go to 12

11. You throw the bag at a passing tribute then you fall over from the impact. You are just lying there when the small girl you saw in training offers you some leaves,"eat. They help with what you have,"

*If you get up and run away, go to 12.

*If you take them, go to 13

*if you kill her, go to 14





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