Homeless and Hungry

Almost all of Mia's life had been living on the streets. She was born in an alley in downtown LA. She's only known how to live on her own. On a rainy night during the winter when she is at near death, someone special comes and saves her life. What happens when she has to learn to live a normal life? Will she be able to do it?


1. Once Again

Mia's P.O.V.


Here i am again ,like always, living in an alley in side of a cardboard box i found. Why did i have to be like this? It was never my fault in the beginning part. Then i kind of went crazy and bought a lot of alcohol. Why did i have to live with my dad all these years in this same alley. Why didn't I go out and get a job? Why didn't I go to public school? Every morning I saw a bunch of kids always walking, driving, or riding to school. 

Me? I've been hiding from everyone that even turns there head to look at me. Each time they try i always hide from them or pretend to be asleep. I have tried begging but that never seems to work. There is always the occasional person who puts in a dollar or two and they make me happy because i get to eat for a night at McDonald's. 

I have only one friend. He's homeless and 74 years old. We always act like he's my grandpa and i'm his granddaughter. That seems to be the only type of happiness I seem to get. 

That is pretty much my whole life that i can remember. 

Oh and one more thing. I get in trouble. 

a lot

Of course every time I get in trouble with people it's always the one's ready to shoot you when your not looking. I have an agreement with this guy named Daniel. If i get him beer from the local store ,once a week, then he will make sure i have food. Let me guess your wondering "Cant he get some of his own beer at the store without any help?" 

Well here is the problem he also homeless. He says if I ever betray him then he will hunt me down  

and kill me himself. I know very nerve racking.


OK so now that your caught up welcome back to reality.

I haven't eaten for days and today is the day that i have to give Daniel his package. The only problem is I feel very weak and I don't have the energy to go and rob the store today. I will probably die today but I don't even care. 

"WHERE IS IT?!" I heard Daniel scream.

uh oh time to tell him the truth.

"Uh-I d-don't really have it"


I am not gonna second guess myself. I was out of there faster than you could say boom. I was running for dear life trying ti live. I don't even understand why i am running. I dint have anything to live for. Oh well this is actually kind of fun. I quickly ran ,to those balcony's outside of apartment windows, and climbed up as fast as I could. I didn't care who would see me. Quickly i felt a large pain in my right calf. I looked down to see Daniel had thrown a knife at my leg and didn't miss! A lot of blood was coming out and everything became fuzzy. 

I collapsed on the the ground. all of a sudden I heard some one scream. 

"STOP!!" and the everything was gone. 












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