Homeless and Hungry

Almost all of Mia's life had been living on the streets. She was born in an alley in downtown LA. She's only known how to live on her own. On a rainy night during the winter when she is at near death, someone special comes and saves her life. What happens when she has to learn to live a normal life? Will she be able to do it?


2. Hey

Mia's P.O.V.

I look around myself. It looks like the most expensive room I've ever seen. On one wall had 3 guitars lined up. Next to the guitars was a closet. On the wall in front if me was a window that covered the whole wall. On the left side had a chest of drawers with picture frames all over it. I got up and brought the fuzzy white blanket with me. I wrapped it around my shoulders and walked over. The first picture I saw was a cute guy in the middle with his arms wrapped around 4 other guys all laughing. The next picture was the same guy singing with a microphone. He was on a stage. The rest of the photos were of him with people who looked like his parents and those other 5 guys. I was looking at another photo with him and those other 5 guys. They were all singing on a stage together. In the corner of the picture had a symbol that said 1D. 

"Do you like the pictures?" 

I turned around and in the doorway was the guy from those pictures. 

"I think they're cool. I noticed you take a lot of pictures with those 4 other guys." I said.

"yeah, they're my best friends" 

hmm interesting.

"I also see that you sing with those other guys" I said at him.

"yeah. Yeah I do." He said smiling.

"what's your name?" I asked.

He looked up at me. He looked straight into my eyes. He looked upset?

"I'm Liam Payne" 

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