My Love Triangle

Lili split away from her high school best friend, Harry Styles, for years now, also she haven't seen her Uni best friend, Niall Horan, for years too. Harry secretly had feelings for her but never confessed it to her and same as Niall. One day she got reunited with them. Who will she fall for? Harry her high school best friend or Niall her Uni best friend? Her love life is gonna be really complex soon. What would she do?


3. The Club

Lili P.O.V


We arrived at the club and the boys were waiting for us at the entrance. Luckily they chose a not too fancy club or we would be mobbed by screaming girls or paparazzi. “Hey guys, this is my friend Eleanor.” They all went and gave her a hug. We walked into the club and it was packed like always. We split when we entered; Zayn and Liam went to the dance floor; Louis and Eleanor went to have a seat at a corner and me, Harry and Niall went to the bar to get some shots. Niall ordered 3 shots, each for one of us. I drank it down quickly and damn it was strong, I crinkle my face as it slowly flow down my throat. We joked around and laughed so hard that we lost track of time.

“Hey, I’m gonna use the loo” I yelled above the music so they could both hear me. I think I had too much because I was dragging my feet across the dance floor to the loo. I did my make up again and also my hair so I don’t look like a mess. As I walked out, a drunken guy walked up to me and pushes my body against the cold wall. He reeked alcohol. His hands moved up and down the side of my body. I tried to push him off but he was too strong. I tried to scream for help but the music was too loud. I shut my eyes tightly and then I felt the weight that was on me, fade away. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Harry standing in front of me and the guy that was pressing me against the wall was on the floor. He stood up and pointed at Harry.

“Who are you? Move out of my way, she’s my girl” as he tried to punch Harry. Harry gave him a death glare and replied with confidence. “She’s my girlfriend so piss off.” Did he just say girlfriend? What is happening? “Zayn was standing there staring at Harry as shocked as I am.

Harry grabbed my hand and walked back to where Niall was. “What took you so long?” looking worried. “Oh nothing, the line was just too long.” I’m trying to accept all the things that I’ve just heard. What was he thinking?? I know he said just to protect me. I shouldn’t be thinking about it too much. I shook my head and asked for another shot. We stayed there for a little longer. I was pretty much filled with alcohol all over. We walked together to the car park. We said our good byes and hugs and off we go, back to our homes. I had quite a lot of drinks but I could still drive. Just hope the police wouldn’t pull me over.


Luckily we arrived home in ONE PIECE. I took off my shoes and drag myself upstairs. I didn’t even change my clothes and fell asleep immediately. I was very tired. It had been a very interesting day.



Zayn P.O.V


The question kept flying through my head. Were Harry and Lili actually dating? Why didn’t he tell any of us? I need answers.



Harry P.O.V


I can’t believe I just said that. I hope she isn’t mad at me or anything. I’m also glad that I said it. I really wanted us to be more than friends. Maybe this is my chance. Lili was so hot tonight. She always surprises. I Love her and I hope she feels the same way towards me too. Zayn cuts me out of my thoughts. “Hey Hazza, are you and Lili dating?”

Oh shit. I forgot Zayn was there. I’ll just have to lie for now. “Uh… Yea, we are”

“Congratz mate!” everyone gave me a pat in the back, and had big smiles on their face except Niall. He was just quietly staring out the window. Did I say something wrong? Niall is not the person who gets upset easily. I hope he’s ok. The whole car ride was quiet. When we arrived home, Niall was the first one out and into his bedroom without saying a word at all. I guess he was just tired so I went to my bedroom and went to bed. Morning came really fast because I didn’t get any sleep at all. I kept tossing and turning the whole night, worried about how am I going to explain to Lili. I really like her. 





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