Come Home

Nobody thought the band would split.. NO ONE. Not even them... But, what happens, when one morning... One of them is missing? And... No where to be found? They look everywhere, for Niall.. No clues where he is, or went.. All the calls are never answered, no where to find him, and all texts are ignored... One day.. The band receives a letter. Management is being weirder then ever.. They add a new member. This is a story about friendship, tears, pain, and confusion. Will they find Niall? What happens to the new member?


1. Missing

Harry's P.O.V.

I wake up, to the sound of Liam screaming... I quickly stand, all the lads are in my bedroom, except for Niall. "What's wrong?" I ask them as I put a shirt on. "Niall.. He's missing. We checked his house. It's empty. All his favorite things are missing too." Zayn tells me. "Wait, he's missing?!" I ask scared. My heart starts racing. "We called his family, they have no idea where he is." Louis says with tears falling down his cheeks. "We've called him a million times, and we texted him, no reply." Liam says whispering now. "There's no sign of him anywhere.. We called the airport, we hasn't bought a ticket, and he hasn't gotten a ticket for a train. He's missing.." Zayn tells me sitting on my bed, with his head in his hands.. "We have to find him.." I whisper. 

"We've tried. Everywhere.. Even Nandos.." Louis whispers. Louis, Liam, and Zayn looks at me. "Check Twitter" I tell them. 

They do as I say, "Last time he Tweeted was yesterday, when he was with us... Liam, you know his pass word, hack him and see if he DMed anyone." Zayn says. Liam does as Zayn requested. "Nothing..." Liam whispers. 

We make a couple calls, still, nothing... But, we noticed the large amount of hate he has received, but, that couldn't have anything to do it him missing, right?

I quickly get my phone out, calling him, and texting him.. NOTHING.. I sit on my bed crying. All the lads hug me. "He has to be here some where" I whisper. They all just look at me weirdly. "W-what will we tell the fans? Or Paul?" Zayn asks. I bite my lip, "We tell Paul to tell management, that Niall is missing. But all the fans should know is, Niall is on a break. It'll kill some fans for Niall to be gone..." I tell him. 

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