Come Home

Nobody thought the band would split.. NO ONE. Not even them... But, what happens, when one morning... One of them is missing? And... No where to be found? They look everywhere, for Niall.. No clues where he is, or went.. All the calls are never answered, no where to find him, and all texts are ignored... One day.. The band receives a letter. Management is being weirder then ever.. They add a new member. This is a story about friendship, tears, pain, and confusion. Will they find Niall? What happens to the new member?


3. Missing Mystery

Harry's P.O.V.

I wake up. The lads had woken me up. Paul had a surprise for us at the studio. I'm so excited! I really hope he found Niall. I get dressed and ready to leave. I sigh and get into the car. I drive to the studio and I see Paul, with a blonde guy... But... He isn't Niall? "Lads, this is Rodger. You're new band member... Since Niall won't appear." He mutters. Everyone has been cranky since Niall left. 

I go looking around the stage we're preforming at today.. Rodger isn't a bad singer, but Niall is a lot better. I sigh as Rodger plays Niall's old guitar. Tears fill my eyes. "Rodger, stop!" I scream. I take the guitar away and I sit down, crying my eyes out. The other lads come comfort me. I take a deep breath. "Let's get ready to preform." I mutter. 

We preform -Afterrrr-

I mess around... Upset, still missing Nialler. 


(Should I make it to the important part with Niall?)

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