Come Home

Nobody thought the band would split.. NO ONE. Not even them... But, what happens, when one morning... One of them is missing? And... No where to be found? They look everywhere, for Niall.. No clues where he is, or went.. All the calls are never answered, no where to find him, and all texts are ignored... One day.. The band receives a letter. Management is being weirder then ever.. They add a new member. This is a story about friendship, tears, pain, and confusion. Will they find Niall? What happens to the new member?


2. Dirty Lies

"Come on Niall.. Pick up." Liam whispers with the phone to his ear. He shoves his phone in his pocket. "Still. No answer!" He exclaims. I bite my lip, "Harry, do you think we'll find him? He's been gone a week..." Zayn whispers. I look down, "I don't know..." I whisper. I look at Liam, Louis and Zayn... "But we can't give up. He is our brother, best friend, band mate... We will continue to look until he is found." I tell them. They all agree.. 

Paul calls me, yelling. "Paul, um.. There is something we all need to tell you..." I say into the phone.. "Niall... He is gone. No where to be found." I tell Paul. It takes awhile before he believes me. 

I go turn the T.V. on. "Further news, the famous Niall Horan, from the worlds biggest boyband, One Direction, has gone missing. No one knows where Horan could have gone. Did he get tired of the fame? His band mates? Or the fans, which are also known as Directioners?" A news lady says. My face turns red, in anger. What could have happened to him?! I brake down, and I start crying. Paul must have told people.. All I want is Niall back. I hope he's safe. I lay on my bed, crying. All the lads left, to go look for him. I can't leave my house, I can't face reality. Niall is one of my best friends. WHAT IF SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS TO HIM?! I soon fall asleep, from crying so much. 


Sorry its short. I just wanted to update.

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