The Nerd

I never noticed him until junior year, and even then we never talked. We ran in different circles. He was the nerdy British kid and I was the american cheer leading captain.


5. Chapter 5

We set the girls in my guest room. They fell asleep quickly. We walked to my room. He laid down and I did too. We faced each other. I gave him a warm smile his face remained the same. He was hurt. In more ways than one. 

"Lou what's wrong..." I asked.

"Nothing." He mumbled. I rested my hand on his arms and rubbed it with my thumb. He looked up into my  eyes.

"Don't lie to me... please." I whispered.

"I must seem like such a pussy. I practically begged him to stop. I know you saw everything." He said quietly. "That door terrifies me. Every time I get thrown in there something bad happens. Today was drowning in ice water. But one time he threw me in boiling water. Stabbed me. Placed my hand on an element. Each time my mum would have helped me. He relies on it. But I have to say the ice water was better that the boiling. It was like being lite on fire. Hurts like a bitch." He said trying to lighten the mood. Tears filled my eyes. I held him close to me. Never wanting to let go. He was special in every way. I had only known him for a day and I was already in love with him. "I'm sorry..." I whispered. 

"Why?" He asked. We both were afraid to raise our voices.

"Because I didn't help you...."I said. He smiled faintly and placed his hand on my cheek.

"I'm glad you didn't.....I would be beside myself if you got hurt because of me." He said. I nodded. He pulled me closer. His arms wrapped around me. I fell into a deep sleep. 

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