The Nerd

I never noticed him until junior year, and even then we never talked. We ran in different circles. He was the nerdy British kid and I was the american cheer leading captain.


4. Chapter 4

"Where is Mommy?" Fizzy asked. It broke my heart.

"Okay girls listen to me carefully. When dad comes home you stay here, you do not mention mum. OK. Always stay out of dads way. If he hurts one of you come to me, and do not talk unless asked to, do not go looking for food. I will bring you home some. biggest of all do not cry. Please girls can you do that for me?" He asked they nodded. Louis tucked them all into bed. Once they were all sound asleep he looked at me. 

"You can go if you want... you parents are probably worried sick.." He said.

"My parents live in the States. I live alone. I'm not leaving you Louis. Firstly what happens if you pass out again and they won't know what to do. They need a mother figure. Also I don't know why but I can't leave you.... " I said. He brought me into a hug. I held onto his smooth muscular back. Soon we heard footsteps outside the door. It opened and his father stood there. I instantly moved behind Louis. 

"What are they doing there?" He asked.

"She left them. I will take care of them, they will stay in here. My responsibility." Louis stated. His father didn't care he punched Louis hard in the jaw. Louis lent that in some situations to never fight back. Lou threw a punch the caused his dads nose to bleed. His father was infuriated. He hit Louis several more times before grabbing his hair. He threw him down the stairs. Louis was dragged to a door and he started to freak out. 

"No please... no I'm sorry. No I won't do it again. " He said. His fathers grip on his hair was growing stronger as he was pushed into the room. His father locked the door with several keys before leaving. Louis violently hit the door. 

"Louis..." I said. I heard him slide down. 

"Help me...." He whimpered. I tried the locks but nothing would unlock. 

"I can't Lou I don't have a key." I said. 

"When he come back get the girls in my room and lock your selves in. Don't come out. Until I say so." He said.

"But Lou...." I said. 

"No buts just do." He said. 

"Tonight we are leaving. Going to my house okay?" I said. 

"OK but don't come out." He said. I heard the jingling of keys and I ran. I ran up stairs into his room. I locked the several locks. The girls were up. I sat in the middle of them with the twins on my lap. I told them all to go to sleep. I got a text from Louis. 

Turn on the TV ~Richard

He got a hole of Louis' phone. I flicked it on and it was security cameras. I watched as he dragged Louis out. He started to violently hit and kick him. He was dragged into  a bath room. Tub was filled with Ice water. He threw Louis in and held him under. He brought him up only to hold him back under. He left Louis under the water and walked out of the room. 

"Try to save him. I'm outta here." He slurred. I unlocked the door when I heard the door slam shut. I opened it and ran to the bathroom. I reefed Louis out of the water. His lips blue and he was a pale white. I did CPR and it worked. He coughed up the water. He body shaking and convulsing. I stood him up and got him to his room. We walked in and the girls were still sound asleep. I got a jumper and new briefs and new pants set out for him. I he was shaking violently and he was very weak I helped dry him off. He managed to get his clothes on we woke up the girls. We ran to the garage and there was a spare car. I got into the drivers side and once everyone was in I backed out. We drove off. I drove to my block of flats. 

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