The Nerd

I never noticed him until junior year, and even then we never talked. We ran in different circles. He was the nerdy British kid and I was the american cheer leading captain.


3. Chapter 3

"Eh faggot who the fuck is she? Your little dyke friend? Didn't know you had any friends... " A man drunkenly slurred. He had me by the jacket. Louis went to grab me. The man hit him with force causing him to fly into the shattered glass. Louis was quiet. 

"You are such a pussy, you will amount to nothing you worthless piece of shit. It's no wonder your mother left you, you are ugly, fat, stupid, and nothing." The man spat. Louis held his head down. His hair dangling in his face. 

"She left you." He mumbled. His father was stunned. 

"What did you say?" He challenged. 

"She left you not me you drunk asshole." Louis spat gaining him a few kicks to the groin stomach and face. The man let me go and mumbled something about going to get a drink and he left the front door. I was shocked. Blood seeped through his cloths. I bent over helping him up. 

"Stop I can do it." He said. I continued to help him. "Kaitlyn I can fucking stand." He spat. I took a step back. He stumbled forward. I caught him, we made it up the stairs and he passed out. I dragged him into the room that I guessed was his. I struggled a lot but eventually I got him onto his bed. I rushed into the bathroom. It smelled like him. I found first aid supplies and a disposable razor blade in the shower. Dried blood on it. I let a tear slip. This boy was absolutely alone. I walked back into his room with the first aid kit. He was still passed out. I took the scissors and cut his shirt. It was already torn. He torso was perfectly sculpted. One side was bloody and had glass embedded in it. I grabbed the anti septic and tweezers. I pulled out each piece. I carefully cleaned each of his wounds. I tugged his trousers down and evaluated his legs. A few pieces of glass were in them. I walked over to the dresser and grabbed a pair of blue plaid pajama pants. I shimmied them on him. As I got higher on his legs I noticed the large 'item' in his briefs. He was huge. I ignored my thoughts about that and I fixed everything else. Once I was finished I decided to clean. I cleaned his room well all the rooms. I did laundry and swept. I scrubbed the kitchen floor. The oven and the stove. I organized the pantry and cleaned the dishes. I vacuumed and dusted the living room. 

I finished my work and went back upstairs to Louis' room. I laid down net to him and cuddled up. About an hour later he started to stir. His eyes shot open and he went to sit up.

"Lou just stay down." I told him.

"Why are you still here?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "Wait I passed out at the top of the stairs, I had jeans and a white t on...." He stated he was really confused. I giggled. 

"Umm I put you there, and yeah I had to take your shirt and pants off, If I didn't you would have still been bleeding." I whispered. He stood up and walked over to me. I looked up into his sea green eyes, they were jaded and guarded. He was hurt badly many times and now he was probably a completely different person. I heard the door slam shut. What emotion was shown on his face was instantly hidden once again. We heard a female voice call out. 

"LOUIS?" She called. His head whipped in the direction of the door. Soon it opened and a middle aged woman stood there, her hair was a sandy brown and her eyes were the same color of Louis'.

"Louis...." She said smiling warmly. 

"What do you want?" He spat. "Here to be a proper mother? Here to finally care after three years? You can care all you want but I won't. You left, you took my sisters away!" He snarled. Her eyes filled with tears then a little girl ran in. His face dropped he fell to his knees.

"Lottie?" He asked the little girl. She was scared at first but she slowly walked up to him. She touched his face. "Louis?" She asked he hugged her tightly. He started to cry. He held the little girl close to him. The mother soon brought in 3 others even though they hadn't seen each other in three years they all still remembered him. We were so engulfed with the little girls that we didn't notice the their mother had left. Louis was pissed off. I quietly helped him place the girls on his bed. 

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