The Nerd

I never noticed him until junior year, and even then we never talked. We ran in different circles. He was the nerdy British kid and I was the american cheer leading captain.


2. Chapter 2

"Well Mr. I'm a genius you can tutor Kaitlyn Snow. And since you have graduated uni then no 'interactions' with Miss Snow since you have the qualifications to teach. " Mr Harper said. I blushed a deep red. In his class he only assigned tutors to kids who were failing by ten percent. Justin chuckled.

"Please Harp like the hottest girl in this school could ever find him attractive." Justin scoffed. Mr. Harper gave him a dirty look. 

"Justin how would you feel if someone was saying things to you like you are to Louis?" Mr Harper asked.

"But they aren't." Justin said. "Louis is just and ugly fag, that has no life." He spat. 

"J-" Mr. Harper started but Louis cut him off.

"Fucking leave it alone dammit." He said. I realized then that he was British. He was hiding it with an american accent. Mr. Harper stopped and continued with the lesson. The bell rang and as I left the class I was pulled into a closet. The light flicked on. Louis was standing there. 

"Lets go." He said. 


"Home to study." He answered.

"Umm I will get in trouble." I said. He smirked. He asked for my phone then sat down at a lap top. His long slender fingers glided across the keys. He bit his bottom lip in concentration. 

"Nope you went home sick." He said returning my phone and shutting the laptop. I followed him out the doors. "And we are walking, I don't live to far away." He said I nodded. We started to walk when it suddenly got cold. He slipped off his jumper and handed it to me. I gladly accepted the warmth. 

"How are you so smart?" I asked.

"I don't know, I just had to grow up fast. I learned quickly and now I can watch teachers type passwords in and remember them. I hate it." He said. I walked a little closer to him. 

"Why you have the world at your finger tips and you are 17." I said.

"Because, well you saw Maths. Lets just say Math is my worst subject. I hate it." He mumbled.I nodded a little shocked. He was so nice, I didn't under stand why people didn't like him. We turned the corner onto a long drive way. It led to a large home. He pulled the keys out of his pocket. 

"Kaitlyn what even happens please don't say anything....." He pleaded I nodded. He ushered me behind him. He opened the door. He stepped in. Suddenly a large crash came Louis spun around and shielded me with his body. I heard foot steps. 

"Kaitlyn go up the stairs first door to the right go in. Lock the door and get in the closet." He told me, as calmly as possible. I nodded and followed his directions. I was pulled back. 


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