The Nerd

I never noticed him until junior year, and even then we never talked. We ran in different circles. He was the nerdy British kid and I was the american cheer leading captain.


1. Chapter 1

It walked down the halls towards my maths. I sat in my seat and waited for the class to begin. Austin, Justin and Cody walk in. They are all drop dead gorgeous but total assholes. Our teacher soon came in. He placed his stuff at his desk. Then the wrote an equation on the board. He stood at the front. 

"Since you all think that this class is a joke. If one of you can complete this equation you can all get 100% on the unit test. " He said the equation didn't even look real. Soon a boy walked in with his hood up. 

"Tomlinson your late, why don't you try the equation." He said. The boy pulled his hood off. His dusty brown hair was tousled. He studied the board. He grabbed the chalk and three chalk boards. After 15 minutes and 3 sticks of chalk. He finished. 

"This isn't the math we are studying it was a trick question is was physics, and trigonometry and advanced calculus." The boy stated. Everyone started calling out names. The teacher was shocked. 

"Thats a higher than most university level equations, how did you?" He asked clearly stunned. 

"Ummm.... I have already graduated uni 4 times." He said. The teacher was shocked. This boy could only be about 17. 

"How you haven't even graduated high school Louis?" He asked. Louis shrugged. He clearly didn't want it known that he was a genius. He was cute too. For some reason I felt drawn to him. He sat down in his seat. People laughing at him I stayed silent. 

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