Daddy Warned Me About Guys Like You

Lennox; She's smart and a goody-goody. She loves school and has two people that she is extremely close to; her brother, Quinton, and her best friend, Addison. She has a twin named Lacey, but quite frankly... she cant stand her. She's never drank, partied, or even kissed a boy. Oh, and the school bad body absolutely disgusts her. Colton; He's every girl's dream, except for Lennox's. He's your typical bad boy who plays every girl he's ever layed eyes on. He's never been in a relationship... he doesnt see the point. He lives by the phrase " Hump and dump. " The difference is... He has secrets. Secrets that nobody knows. Not even his best friend since childhood, Drew. Because if they did know, it would ruin his entire reputation. So what happens when two complete opposites collide? One thing's for sure... both of their worlds will be flipped upside down. Things will be said, hearts will be broken, and lives will be changed. But, the question is... will it be for better or for worse?


2. Chapter Two.

I walk to my locker where Addison is already waiting for me, like every day.

"Hey" she says with enthusiasm in her voice.

I just glare at her.

"Geez, what put you in such a mood?" She looks taken aback.

"Dakota. He makes me so mad. All he ever does is get an attitude with me. I just want to punch him and throw tomatoes at his face. I hate him so much." I ramble on about how much I hate that guy.

"Dang. Calm down. Deep breath in, deep breath put." She motions with her hands calmly.

I close my eyes and do as she says. When I open them Addy is smiling. I must have rambled on longer than I thought because the hallways are practically clear, with the exception of the daily stragglers.

"Better?" She asks. I nod.

"Good. Now put your stuff away and lets go. We cant go to the tardy room again." She says sternly.

I put my books away and shut my locker. We start walking to home room at a brisk pace. I cant afford to get another detention for being late. I may be a goody-goody, but for some reason Mr. Reynolds hates my guts. I'll never understand why. I ways turn in my work on time and I pay attention.

As soon as we're about to walk through the door the bell rings. I look at Addison and she looks at me, we decide to go for it. We walk in the classroom and start toward our seats.

"Not so fast." Mr. Reynolds says, stopping us dead in our tracks. We slowly turn towards him.

"You're late." He says.

"By like two seconds!" I say in a somewhat whiny voice.

"Are you talking back, Ms. Hart?" He asks with a raised eyebrow.

"No... I'm just saying that we were right outside the door when the bell rang." I'm about to get on my knees and beg him not to give me detention.

"Detention." well, there goes that plan. "And you both need to go the tardy room." He starts filling out our tardy slips and hands them to us.


"No buts. OUT!" He shouts, pointing to the door.

We look at each other and slowly saunter out the door. We walk in complete silence all the way to the tardy room. Now that I got another tardy I have 2 detentions. I mean seriously, he didn't have to be that strict.

When we walk up to the door of the tardy room I knocked. When Mr. Harrison opened the door he took our tardy slips and let us in.

"Lennox, sit over there by the window." He pointed towards the far corner. Oh god. Colton Jackson was sitting over there.

"But, Jace! He might eat me!" I whisper-shouted frantically. You see, Mr. Harrison, or as I like to call him , Jace, was my uncle. So, I didn't have to call him Mr. Harrison, and sometimes I can come in here just to get away from things. Perks of being his favorite niece.

"He wont eat you." He said a little louder than necessary. "Now, go sit down." I turned and slowly walked to my seat right next to the biggest jackass in the world.

He made Addy sit all the way by the door, so I was screwed.

Colton Jackson was the school bad boy. He was in the biggest, baddest, most feared gang in the state of New Jersey. He fought just about every day, if not twice a day. He played every girl he's ever laid eyes on. And he was HUGE. Like ogre huge.

When I was halfway to my seat, still walking dramatically slow, I heard Jace chuckle. I turned around and glared. I most definitely was NOT happy with his seating arrangement.

I turned back around and started for my seat again. And probably my death.



Picture of Colton:


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