Daddy Warned Me About Guys Like You

Lennox; She's smart and a goody-goody. She loves school and has two people that she is extremely close to; her brother, Quinton, and her best friend, Addison. She has a twin named Lacey, but quite frankly... she cant stand her. She's never drank, partied, or even kissed a boy. Oh, and the school bad body absolutely disgusts her. Colton; He's every girl's dream, except for Lennox's. He's your typical bad boy who plays every girl he's ever layed eyes on. He's never been in a relationship... he doesnt see the point. He lives by the phrase " Hump and dump. " The difference is... He has secrets. Secrets that nobody knows. Not even his best friend since childhood, Drew. Because if they did know, it would ruin his entire reputation. So what happens when two complete opposites collide? One thing's for sure... both of their worlds will be flipped upside down. Things will be said, hearts will be broken, and lives will be changed. But, the question is... will it be for better or for worse?


7. Chapter Seven.

~Lennox's P.O.V.~






When I woke up in the middle of the night I wasn't at home. I was confused until the events from earlier came rushing back to me.

I thought about how nice Colton was and I couldn't help but smile.

Then I remember my dad. How he's gone. I cant imagine how my mother is feeling.

I look down on the floor and see Colton sprawled out on the floor tangled in a blanket. Why is he on the floor? Why did he bring me here instead of home?

I crawl out of bed and realize I'm wearing his clothes. Wait, that means he changed me. I try my best to tip toe through the room and try to find a bathroom. I really need to pee.

I accidentally run into Colton and face plant onto the ground. I hear him groan. Oh shit.

"Lennox?" He says, his voice raspy from sleep.

"Uh, sorry."

"What are you doing?"

"Looking for the bathroom?" I say, making it sound more like a question.

"Oh, its over there." He says pointing to a door on the other side of the room.

"Thanks." I say as I get up awkwardly.

I walk into the bathroom and do my business. After I'm done I wash my hands.

When I walk out I see Colton sitting up on the floor stretching. God, he looks cute. WHAT?! Stop. Bad Lennox.

"Why are you on the floor?" I ask.

"I didn't think you would like it if I slept in the bed."

"Why am I in your clothes?"

"I changed you. And before you freak out, I didn't look."


"Okay. Thank you."

"Welcome. How are you?"

"I'm... I really don't know." I say feeling a lump start to form in my throat. I feel the tears start to stream down my cheeks.

Colton stands up and walks over to me. I'm about to ask him what he's doing when he envelopes me in a comforting hug. I feel him rub soothing circles on my back.

Why am I letting him do this? He shouldn't be comforting me right now. I shouldn't be letting him. But he is, and I am. And to be honest I like it.

"Don't cry." He says softly.

I rest my head on his chest and hug him back. I cant even get my small arms to wrap all the way around his large frame.

We stay like this for a while before I finally stop crying and he pulls me over to the bed and tucks me in.

He starts walking over to the spot he was on the floor when I grabbed his hand.

"Can you sleep with me?" I didn't want him to sleep on the floor. I didn't want to feel the absence of him. I wanted to be in his arms. That's it. That's all I wanted.

He nods his head and goes around to the other side of the bed and crawls under the covers. When I look over to him he says "Come here." so I scoot over to him and he wraps his arms around me and I lay my head on his chest once again finding comfort in the boy who just earlier today I couldn't stand.


~Colton's P.O.V.~



Having Lennox in my arms feels good. I don't really know how to explain it. It just feels right. I haven't felt this good since the incident. Since everything changed.

I hear her whisper a faint goodnight and feel her small body relax beside me. I want to make everything okay. I don't want her to cry anymore. I don't want her to be sad. I want to see that smile I always see on her face at school.

I want her eyes to sparkle like they used to. I hate seeing her upset. I don't how she is having this affect on me, but she is. And for some reason I don't mind.

I lay there and listen to her peaceful breaths for about and hour until I finally fall asleep with this gorgeous girl in my arms. And I couldn't be happier.

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