A Thousand Ways to Pay a Price

After escaping nearly being kidnapped, Teresa and Maya are on the run. Not knowing why they are being chased or who's following them, their only hope is to find the mysterious organization known as Infinity.


4. Squirrel

Maya and Teresa exit the vine covered doorway, to arrive in a forest. The door closes behind them. A squirrel watches them from above. Here's a peek into the squirrel's thoughts. Be warned, squirrels are very jittery with a short attention span.

Mmmmmmmmmm... Tasty! Taaasty acorn!! Mmmmmmmmmm... Wait! What's that? Green hole. It wasn't there before... Wait! Where did it go? Wait! Two animals came out of it! What are they? The... Ummm... Wait I know! Awwww... That was a tasty acorn... Why did I drop it? What was I thinking about...? Wait! What are those two animals? Wait! I thought about this already! The one with fur like a fox's is yelling at the one with fur like a raven's. I remember now! They're the two-legged ones! Ohhhh... We're supposed to stay away from them... Oh well. I don't see the harm in staying. Unless they see me... Hunger. The one with fur like a fox's has picked up a... A... What was I talking about? Oh! Look! The two-legged one is holding an ACORN!!!! Hunger. I must get it!!! Soooooooooooooooooo taaasty!! Wait! If I go get it they'll see me! But... They have food... Tasty food... Om nom nom nom nom nom!! Oh, whiskers! I'm sitting on the two-legged one's hand! I wasn't supposed to be seen... Shame. Hunger! Om nom nom nom nom! Taaaasty!! The one with raven like fur is staring at me making strange noises... Fear? I stare at her. I stare at the acorns. I stare at her. I stare at the acorns. I stare at her. I stare at the acorns. I stare at her. Wait... What am I doing here? Oh! Right! ACORNS!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm... Taaaaaaaaaaaaasty!!!! Another squirrel! Wow! That is one fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine squirrel!!! MUST CHASE!!!!!!! But wait! Acorns... To chase or not to chase, that is the question. Answer: Chase!! 

The squirrel observed our protagonists for a week. During that time it watched them find shelter in a cave, collect water, berries and nuts, make fires and do other human things.

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