A Thousand Ways to Pay a Price

After escaping nearly being kidnapped, Teresa and Maya are on the run. Not knowing why they are being chased or who's following them, their only hope is to find the mysterious organization known as Infinity.


3. Bill

I hear the door close behind them, and sigh in relief, they're safe... For now. 

I lean back against the hard brick wall, and wait.

Two hours later they come.

They're late.

I had expected them to arrive earlier.

I guess they weren't expecting this. They're getting cocky. That means they're more reckless.

They see me immediately.

They know who I am.

They walk up.

"Spare some change for a poor blind old beggar?"

"Where are the girls?"

"What girls? I don't have any girls. Wish I did."

"You know who we're talking about!"

"Haven't got a clue."

"If you want to keep your life old man, cooperate." 

"How can I when you're asking me questions that I don't know the answer to?"

"Stop playing dumb. We know they were here and we know you helped them escape."

Reckless, but thorough.


"The girls!"

They're reaching new levels of impatient.

"Some walked by a few minutes ago, nice ladies gave me a dollar fifty."

"If you don't tell us where you're hiding them, you won't live to see tomorrow."

"I can't see tomorrow anyways."

It's quick. 

The pain pierces me, but subsides as I lose consciousness.

I know I won't be regaining it.

With my dying breath, I utter my last words :

"You'll never find them."

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