Help Me Live My Dream

A girl named Melisa has a wild dream of becoming a YouTuber but everyone at her school thinks it's stupid except for this one new kid name Jon Cozart, aka Paint from YouTube. Later int his story they become the most greatest friends and Jon helps Melisa live her dream of becoming a YouTuber. :) like if you love Jon but most importantly if you like this fan fic of him and I.


2. YouTube Channel

I walked into my room and got my macbook and set it down on my bed. Click Click! I typed in and searched up Paint. I clicked on a video called "After Ever After" Then, "If you've ever wonder why, Disney tales all end in lies, here's what happened after all their dreams came true" I watched the rest of the video with a smile on my face. I grabbed my phone and facetimed Jon and told him that I'll subscribe. "Once I make a YouTube channel I promise I'll subscribe!" "You haven't made a YouTube channel yet?" "Nope. Why?" "Well first of all, if you want to become a YouTuber then you should've made an account." "Umm..." "Don't worry." "I'll make an account right now." I clicked on the sign up button and created an account. I went back to the channel Paint and clicked the subscribe button. "DONE!" "GREAT!" We talked and studied for the rest of the time until, "MELISA!!! DINNER TIME!!!" "Gotta go Jon. Gotta get me some num nums in me tum tums! Bye." "Bye!" BEEP BEEP BEEP. I ended and ran downstairs ending up in my seat at the table. "Mom." "Yes MelK?" "I made a YouTube channel." 


Sorry for short chapter.  Others will be longer than this one! Enjoy! - Melkel (Melisa)

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