How To Save A Life (short sequal to Different) (Made for a competition)

Cece isnt normal. She has to learn how to save a life, without losing another's life. She has to fight to save her own life.


2. One week earlier

"What time's the movie?" My best friend, Ally, asked me

"6:30" I answered back. 

Ally looked toward the road and her jaw dropped "Cece! They need help!" 

I turned around, two little kids, they looked like they were five. They were in the road, running after a soccer ball, a truck flying toward them. The ran faster than a humming bird could fly in front of the kids. Then, I put my hand out. The truck hit my hand with such a force, that it flew back. The front had a huge indent and the motor was smoking. I knew it was on fire. I ripped the door off the hinges and grabbed the man out of the car. He ran away screaming. I grabbed the kids and got them out of the road. Not a second to soon, the truck blew up the second i got out of the road. I had just saved three more lives! I put the kids down.

"CECE, LOOK OUT!" Ally screamed. I turned myself around.

"Hello princess. I'm back. And this time, you're going to die."

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