How To Save A Life (short sequal to Different) (Made for a competition)

Cece isnt normal. She has to learn how to save a life, without losing another's life. She has to fight to save her own life.


4. No! He has her!

Ally kept calling my cell phone every 2 seconds starting at exactly 9:35. Finally at 9:48, I pocked up the phone.

"What do you what?!?! Do you not realize I hate you?!?!"

"Woah there princess slow down. This isn't Ally," It was him! He had Ally," But, I do have Ally."

"You let her go you-"

"Hey, hey no need for those words princess."

" You listen and you listen good, you WILL let her go!"

"I would princess, but it's not that easy. You have things I want."

"What is it you want exactly?"

" The world you rule, and the world you save. I want to rule the one you rule, and destroy the one you save."


"Then say goodbye to Ally."


"You will dicide by tomorow night. I am located at the old boat house by the lake." With thr he hung up. I put the phone down, and I wept.


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