How To Save A Life (short sequal to Different) (Made for a competition)

Cece isnt normal. She has to learn how to save a life, without losing another's life. She has to fight to save her own life.


3. Ally is nothing to me anymore

Yay, Monday. That means a whole week of dealing with popular girls, teachers, and homework! There were only two good things about school, Ally and the cutest boy ever, Derek! Or so I thought anyway.

Ally and I were in the cafateria, I was telling her how I had the biggest crush on Derek. She said we would make a great couple. I smiled. Then, Derek walked over to our table.

"Hey Ally...and...Cece."

"Hi Derek,"I replied in a girly tone. 

"Hey." Ally replied back way better than I did. I hate it when she does that! 



"Will you...go out with me?"

Ally looked at me a mouthed no to her. "Sure," she said smiling.

Derek walked away, smiling.

Ally looked at me. I gave her a dirty look and shook my head. 


" You knew I liked him!"

" Cece, I'm sorry. Can't you just be happy for me?"

"No. I hate you!" With that, I got up and left. 

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