The girl is mine

Linda Evans comes from a long line of sucsessfull Family memebers. She soon enrolls in a big college in London england where she meets a boy named Tom. Yes, Tom from the british boy band. They soon fall in love and begin to go out, But one day... Everything changes when she meets "him"...


1. prouloge

(louis' pov)

"Awww is poor little lou jealous?", Jeered Tom

I looked at him with pure hate

"Face it. You and Linda? Together? I dont think so "Boobear" 

"He teased. 

I pushed him against the wall and pinned him there.

"You'll take that back or else!" i growled.

Tom immidiately pushed me off of him.

I fell back and hit my left arm on Linda's nightstand.

I looked back up at him with rage

"You know me and her had a one night stand together? yeah. She lost her virginity to me ya know?", he said with a smirk on his face.

"You lost yours to her too", i said with tears dripping down my cheeks.

"Hah! You really think that shit was true?! I lost my virginity years ago to some slut!", He laughed.

That made me wanna cry and hurt Tom more. He lied to Linda, and he had been all along. Unlike him i actually Cared about her, i loved her. I wanted to be with Linda.   

    i jumped up with hatetrid and anger. I clenched my fists together and hit the left side of his nose. Tom grabbed the collar of my shirt and slammed my body against a book shelf. I felt a huge scatch on my back. Tom was right about to walk out the door. I grabbed the back of his shirt at hit him against the nightstand. He fell down and landed on the carpet. "AND STAY AWAY FROM FUTURE WIFE", i yelled angrily.

Realising i had said what i just said, I coverd my mouth and sat down on her bed. I had never been this hostile over anyone, especially if it was a girl i bareley knew. 

".. Louis...", said a female voice.

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