The girl is mine

Linda Evans comes from a long line of sucsessfull Family memebers. She soon enrolls in a big college in London england where she meets a boy named Tom. Yes, Tom from the british boy band. They soon fall in love and begin to go out, But one day... Everything changes when she meets "him"...


2. New life

"Linda!!", yelled my step mom from downstairs angrily.
  "Whaaaat?!",  i moaned as a slowly came downstairs.
She narrowed her eyes at me.
  "Are you done with packing yet?", she asked.
I bit my lip and slowy looked up at the cieling.
  "Well start Linda, college is only a day away", she said annoyed.
I rolled  my eyes and walked upstairs.
I picked out a few t shirts and pairs of jeans/ skirts to bring, Snap backs, anything i could find that wasn't hand-made or second-handed, to bring to college. 
  "LINNY!! LINNY!! LINNY!! LINNY!", yelled my sister exitedly from downstairs.
  I dragged my heavy suitcase downstairs and walked into the family room.
    "Yes?", i asked raising my eye brow
         "Look what Daddy sent us!!", she said holding up a small brown package.
I watched as my sister Ellie tore the package open. All of the sudden her eyes grew wide and big as a huge smile crossed her face.
 she scream loudly and started jumping up and down wildly.
  "What?! What?! " i asked as i watched her jump up and down.
She shubbed 2 peices of cardboard in my face.
I scanned the pieces of paper and i couldn't belive my eyes. 
"one direction backstage acsess" 
   I handed them back to my sister and steped back.
"But dont you start college tomorrow?" asked my step mom
"Couldn't i just spend the night at linda's college and we go after my classes?", i asked giving her the 'puppy eyes'.
  "Well i guess so.. But bring her back afterwards!", she said.
"I promise", i yelled running back up stairs.
 I layed back down on my bed trying not to fangirl. what better way to start a new life with a concert and backstage passes? 
"Every thing is going to be juuuuust fine", i said to myself kicking my shoes off.

**Louis' Pov**

I stared out the window of our hotel room. I had been single for atleast more than a year now and i really wanted to meet new girls. But the only girls willing to date me were fans, but fans.. I mean come on! I wanted them to see me as "Louis Tomlinson" Not "Louis tomlinson from one direction".

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