Not Exactly My Fantasy

Nicole Hartman is the perfect girl. She has a perfect family, a perfect life and perfect looks. The only thing that is not so perfect is when she runs into One Direction "The worlds hottest and famous boyband." They all fall for her, but will her stubborness come in the way of her feelings? (I know it doesn't sound good, but it is!)


6. Yours Truly

Nialls' P.O.V. I carefully wrote my letter, taking my time. Pieces of paper crumbled onto the floor, damn trees must hate me now. My eyes are red, I've been crying over Nicole.

                             Dear PenPal,

                   Hi. My name is Niall, and I have just been through a rough break-up with my girlfriend. I loved her, to infinity and beyond, but the road ahead of us had bumps that caused people to screw my relationship. My manager told me that you are also in this situtation, so if you don't mind me asking, who was this douchebag? Excuse my language, but I hate when people are mistreated. I wish the girl I love realized it was the unwanted attention that made us break-up, and stupid management.

                           Yours Truly,



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