Not Exactly My Fantasy

Nicole Hartman is the perfect girl. She has a perfect family, a perfect life and perfect looks. The only thing that is not so perfect is when she runs into One Direction "The worlds hottest and famous boyband." They all fall for her, but will her stubborness come in the way of her feelings? (I know it doesn't sound good, but it is!)


3. Suspicion

Nicole's P.O.V. Tonight was the night I was going on my 6th date with Niall, and we were official, as in boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm still with Chase, but not really. I conflated a very pretty outfit for my date, it was going to be at Olive Garden and then we would go to his flat and watch movies alone. I skimmed through all the dresses I had and confirmed on a silver one strap dress, a hot pink handbag, pink diamond earrings and some pink heels. I was a fashion atic, everything HAD to match. I curled my long bonde hair in loose ringlets that rippled down my back and did my makeup, consisting of lots of mascara, pink lipstick and some blush. Niall decided that we should look very fancy for this date because lots of famous celebrities would be at Olive Garden tonight. I do have a small tingle inside of me, indicating being a 2 timer ISN'T a great thing to do. But hey, I'm Nicole Hartman, and it doesn't matter. My outfit formed perfectly around my slim body, and finally the doorbell rung throughout the house, so I hurried to answer it. "Umm, Nikki dear why are you dresses so, so formal?" My mom questioned, knitting her eyebrows in suspicion. "Uh I- I'm meeting Chase. Umm bye!" I rushed out of the house, quitely shutting the door behind me. My mom loved to chat forever with Chase, I didn't want her to find out I was.... cheating. I shuddered at what I was doing, but what the hell, I love er like Niall more then Chase! I saw the black Ranger Rover sitting outside, with a waiting Niall.

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