Not Exactly My Fantasy

Nicole Hartman is the perfect girl. She has a perfect family, a perfect life and perfect looks. The only thing that is not so perfect is when she runs into One Direction "The worlds hottest and famous boyband." They all fall for her, but will her stubborness come in the way of her feelings? (I know it doesn't sound good, but it is!)


4. My mascara runs

Nicole's P.O.V. Crestfallen light glimmers happily through my opened windows, causing me to wake up squinting my eyes. A very unattractive look for me. All though, for once in my life I don't care what my appearence is. I grudge out of bed, shutting the windows and closing the blinds. I can't see the sun anymore. Good. Yellow is to much of a happy color for me as of now. Last night was painful, my heart is throbbing in emptiness. I'm in a pair of black under armour shorts and a white soccer T-shirt. I need to look as unhappy as I feel, and this suits me perfectly. Even though I do love soccer and under armour.... I'm getting carried away. Anyways, Niall broke up with me. He said that Simon didn't want all the spotlight on Niall and said Niall didn't have a choice. I brought up the idea of fake breaking-up, but Niall was to goody-goody. Niall also said I was a bit egocentrical, but why shouldn't you be proud of yourself? I dumped Chase for Niall, who, by the way was lip locking Tay Tay Swift in the front doors of Olive Garden. I always knew Taylor was a slut (A/N I love Taylor.) I told my closest teacher, and yes I'm that desperate. She suggests writing to an unknown stranger about my feelings, which to tell you the truth isn't a bad idea. She said she located a boy that is going through the same as me, and he lives 43 1/2 miles away. Good job being exact, Mrs.Fitz. I better get going. I decided to write to him, even if my mascara is still running.

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