Harry styles imagines

These are going to be a whole bunch of random imagines. Some romantic and cute, and some sad and depressing. But if you have any suggestions or anything than just tell me.


1. There is always a choice



You were walking out of the house to get some more food for you and Harry's feast. You guys were going to eat a big dinner you made for thanksgiving. You walk down the street, since Harry has the car, and he was supposed to be home around 3. Now it is 6. You continued walking down the road and you pass a couple resteraunts. When you recognize a mop of curls you squint youre eyes to see clearer. He was with.. a girl. You walked up a little closer and hid so he wouldnt see you. You couldnt beleive what you saw.

Harry was making out with a girl. Tears immediatly form in your eyes. You trusted him with your heart and he destroyed it. You get up from the bush you were hiding behind and you couldnt hold in your sobs. You ran as quickly as possible to get away, but Harry noticed you. " Y/N! come back!" you hear him say as you ran down the street. You heard his footsteps chasing after you so you ran even quicker. You dont want to go home so you run to your best friend Louis' house.

You burst through the door and slam it, falling to the floor and sobbing. " How could he do this to me?" you scream as Louis runs up to you. " what happend? tell me" he said wrapping his arms around you.

                                               * End of Flashback*

You tell him everything. " THAT BITCH!" Louis yells clenching his fists. You try calming youself down and lay down on the couch. You have no idea what to do. Louis came next to you on the couch and says " i will be right back." and with that he left.


Louis burst through the door and saw Harry red puffy eyes and everything was broken. " what the fuck Harry! How dare you!" Louis says and walks up to him. He didnt make eye contact and was just crying. " Louis! I screwed up! Big time!" he yelled and ran his hand through his curls. Louis couldnt stay mad at him so he walked up to him and rubbed his back in comfort. " I lost her! forever! Y/N hates me!" he cried in Louis' shoulder. " i am going to talk to her right now! i know she is at your house" he cried and left Louis sitting in the house alone cleaning things up.


"Y/N open the door" harry says banging on the door. You stay quiet sobbing quietly. " Y/N im not stupid, open the door i know your in there!" he yelled and banged harder. The door was shaking. You walked up to the door but didnt open it. " Please open the door" he begged. " why should I!? I saw you and the girl! Dont even deny it!" you screamed back through the door. " Just hear me out!" He yelled. " no" you yelled back. It was quiet for a while when you hear the backdoor slam. You forgot the backdoor.

He came to the living room angry. " listen to me!" he said.

"NO! YOU LISTEN! I gave you all of my heart! i trusted you with it! I trusted you and thats why i never questioned you on why you were always home late! Now i know why you were late! You didnt even push her away! you enjoyed her. You always have a choice on what to do Harry! I hate you! I hate you harry." you whisper the last part.  Harry immediatly knew that he lost you. " Y/N you have no idea how sorry i am" he says taking a step closer causing you to take a step back. " dont give me that 'im so sorry i didnt mean it' bullshit!" you screamed. You walk up to him and slap him across the face "thats for cheating!" you screamed then hit him again "thats for breaking my heart!" and then you hit him again "thats for always coming home late!". His face is red because of anger and the slap marks. You were so angy and you couldnt stop crying.

You ran up the stairs with Harry following. " Leave me alone" you say behind the now locked door. " Please y/n!" he says leaning against the door. you lay down on the bed crying yourslef to sleep.


 You woke up with red eyes and a headach because of the crying last night. You go through the door down to the kitchen to see Louis at the stove making eggs. " Hey, love! come here!" he says holding his arms out and you run into them and start crying again. "Its ok! Dont cry." he says rubbing your back in comfort. You then ate the food Louis made. " Lou i need to grab my phone and some stuff from the house, but i dont want to see Harry. Can you please go get them for me." you begged. " no problem, love. And you ARE going to stay here for a while. Do you understand? You can live with me if you need to." Louis says hugging you. " Thanks Lou! I love you so much" you cry in his shirt. " i love you too" he says and grabs his keys. Louis was always auch a close friend and you loved him, but as a brother nothing else.


 Louis knocks on the door before walking in. " Harry?" he calls out. Louis walked around looking for him and found him in the bedroom on the floor sleeping with a broken whiskie bottle on the floor next to him. " Harry i have to get some of Y/n's things" He informs him. Harry's eyes shot open. "she isnt leaving" he said. Louis gave him a sad look. "please! Tell me she isnt leaving me" he cried. " im sorry " louis says rubbing his shoulder. Louis got up and grabbed your things and went home to you sleeping in his bed. You and Harry havnt talked for a long time.


                                                              *A month later.*

Harry is depressed because he misses your voice and the way you felt when you cuddled up to him at night. Harry decides to confront you since Louis isnt home on monday mornings.

He walked through the door and saw you watching T.V on the couch. "y/n. I got to talk to you" he says sitting on the floor next to you. He cant beleive how much broken you were because you stod there emotionless. You decided to listen. " what" you snapped. " listen. There are no words to describe how sorry i am for hurting you. I was so wrong. I was stupid and dumb for even having second thoughts about our relationship. I cant beleive how much i hurt you! I destroyed your heart and i know how much your hurt. I hate myself and always will. I will regret it for the rest of my life. There is no one in this UNIVERSE that can replace you. I am so sorry. I didnt know what i had until i lost it. I will never leave you again! I Love you so much. No one is even close to as beautiful and kind you are. I am not ever going to find someone like you. You are 1 in a billion. i hit the jackpot when i found you. I know i dont deserve forgivness but i just want you to know i love you more than anything in the world and i always will, nothing will ever change that" he said crying. You teared up during his speech. You missd the sound of his voice and now you heard it again.

" i love you Harry, i always will. But how do i know that you are not ju-" you got cut off by him crashing his lips onto yours. He cupped you face into his handsand kissed you passionatly. You missed this the most. He pulled back " im sorry i needed to kiss you one last time." he cried. He was puffy eyed and couldnt even breath because he was crying so hard. You beleived him and ran up to him and pulled him into  a hug. " Harry! I missed you!" you cried in the crook of his neck. " I- I am so sorr-y" he sobbed. "shh its ok now. i beleive you" you said rubbing his head. " I love you so much!" he cried. " i love you to" you said and kissed his forehead.



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