Harry styles imagines

These are going to be a whole bunch of random imagines. Some romantic and cute, and some sad and depressing. But if you have any suggestions or anything than just tell me.


3. Its Complicated



                        You arrived home late from a long day at work because your boss made you do 2 shifts. You walk through the door, and it seemed quiet. You walk around your house to look for your boyfriend Harry. You walk through your bedroom door to find Harry with  blonde. but you didn't see them do anything you just saw them sitting in the room with each other. You have no idea who the girl is. You gasped. " y/n its not what it looks like. " Harry tried to explain.  You didn't want to see him. What if they were dong what you thought they were doing. " no" you say about one hundred times under your breath as your hand ran through your hair. You had tears streaming down your face. You decided to just pack up and leave.

" y/n! Stop! I am telling you its not what it looks like! We didn't do anything!" he exclaims as you pack your things. The blonde has already left. " Oh really Harry! Than what were you doing with a girl in OUR room when I was at work?" You screamed. " Just listen and I will explain!" He says as you continue to pack your things. " Please, y/n. Just hear me out." He says. You sit down and give him time to talk.

" look we didn't do anything. We were just talking." He says. You let out a sarcastic laugh. " really? that's your excuse. You and her were just talking." you say. " fine then what were you talking about??!" your anger starts to boil again. " y/n trust me." Is all he says. You get back up and continue to pack. " WHO IN THE ACTUAL FUCK WOULD  BELEIVE THAT EXCUSE!?" you yell at the top of your lungs. " y/n, stop yelling!" he says raising his voice. " Just don't leave." He says quieter. " No. I am leaving. " you said zipping up your bag. You turn around for the door but before you could open it, Harry grabbed your arms and turned you around. He planted his lips onto yours and then he pulled away. You started to calm down and silently cry. " please, just tell me." you cry into his shirt. " Its complicated." He says crying. You look up to him and see him silently cry. " really. I guess you really do want me to leave." you say and then jerk away from the hug. " Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go! " he starts singing. " just sleep for a while, your not thinking straight." he says holding onto your shoulders. You look down and decide you should stay. You aren't really thinking straight, it was true.

You than run up to the room and slam it so you could sleep alone. He was silently singing to you through the door. " don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go! cuz im tired of feeling alone." he sang loud enough for you to hear. You were still crying but calming down a bit to his voice. You then fall asleep.

when you wake up you open the door. Harry slept n the floor right next to your door. He woke up and smiled to you. He thought you would sneak out. " Look, I love you with all my heart and if telling you what is really going on will keep you from leaving me then here it is." he began and stood up. " that girl was a .... wedding planner." he said. You immediately start crying, you felt really bad. " I was going to propose. Will you marry me y/n?" he said pulling a box with a beautiful ring out of his pocket. You don't know what to say. All you do is hug him and cry into the crook of his neck. " I am so sorry Harry! I am a bitch!" you exclaimed. Harry just chuckled. " no your not. I probably would've thought the same thing if you were sitting with a boy in a room alone. But you are kind of stubborn." He teases. " I love you so much! I will marry you!" you say as he slips the ring on your ring finger. " I am sorry" you say in between each peck you give him all over the face and neck. He chuckled and said " its ok" and then you guys went into the bedroom and had a little fun ;)

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