Harry styles imagines

These are going to be a whole bunch of random imagines. Some romantic and cute, and some sad and depressing. But if you have any suggestions or anything than just tell me.


4. i saw this on google.Short imagine




                                It was your birthday, Harry had brought the daughter you guys had. Her name was Darcy. Harry sat with her in his lap. " Y/n, I know I probably shouldn't have come. But its your birthday." He said sadly." Just listen." He began. " I really miss you. It just doesn't feel right when your not the first person I see when I wake up to anymore." He said. Darcy was moving around on his lap. " Darcy is always talking about you when I have her." He added with a couple tears visible. " Its so hard, not hearing your voice. Not feeling your warm embraces. Not tasting your cherry flavored lips. Not being able to hold your hand. Not being able to laugh along with you. Just not being with you" He said now breaking down crying.

" I love you so much. I Miss you." He cries. " Its not only me, its our daughter. She cries at night sometimes, begging for her mummy." He said. He went on and on about how much he misses you and how much he wants you to be there with him.

" I love you. Its always been you, and it always will." He said. And with that, he placed Darcy on his hip and stood up. Then he placed a rose in front of your gravestone before leaving.



I know it sucked. The one I read was better. I forgot all the words and stuff, I had to put the story in my own words.

It sucks donkey crap. Lol I don't want to cuss. My friends who know me on here, they know what I would've said. lol



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