Harry styles imagines

These are going to be a whole bunch of random imagines. Some romantic and cute, and some sad and depressing. But if you have any suggestions or anything than just tell me.


2. I love you


You and your best friend Harry have always known each other. You guys were in love with each other but never admitted it to one another.

"y/n?" Harry says walking into the living room. He was very nervous about something. In fact he just got off the phone with Louis telling him to ask you out already. You never really met the boys, but Harry talks about you 24/7. Harry was going to ask you to be his. " yes" you reply turning all your attention to him. He sat down, fidgeting a lot. He was really nervous"do you wanna...maybe... ermmm..." he trails off. "ermm.. be my..... ugh....."he pauses looking down. You get really excited about what he is going to say. He takes a big sigh and says...

" y/n, i liked you ever since we first met. You are beautiful, not only on the outside but the inside as well. I like you probably more than i should. I've had a crush on you since May 4th 2003. When we first met.". You cant beleive he remembered the first day you met. " I know i probably waited to long to tell you. But, i am in love with you." he says. you start to tear up because he said all this. " and i would understand if you say no..but.. would you like to be my girlfriend." he asks blushing. You have no words to say so you take action and crash your lips on his and kiss passiontly. Harry doesnt waste anytime, cupping your cheeks in his large hands.

" you have no idea how long i wanted to do that" you say hugging him tightly. " i love you too Harry" you say. He picks you up into a bearhug and screams " Yayy!". This makes you giggle. "we are going to the boys' and telling them we are an item now, so go change real quick." he announces. You give him a peck on the cheek before running upstairs into your room.

You pull out red skinney jeans, a white long shirt. You put on your red toms and run downstairs. "man, you look just like Louis." Harry chuckles. "what?" you asked confused. "you will see" he says and then taking your hand in his and walking to the car.

You guys arrive to the big house. You walk in behind Harry. everybody ran downstairs obviously excited to meet you."HI im louis, you can call me lou." Louis says shaking your hand. Then he takes in your outfit. " oh my god! I love your style! i like this girl" and then you take in his outfit and you guys are just the same. "see" harry laughs.

" hi im Liam, nice to meet you" he says hugging you. " you to" you say. hese boys are really welcoming. "im Zayn. Nice to meet a beautiful girl like you." he says and kisses your hand causing you to blush furiously. "Thank you" you say. "Back off dude!" Harry yells at Zayn causing everyone to laugh. "Hi im Niall, nice to finally meet you since Harry is always talking about you" he began and HArry gave him the wide eye look causing you to giggle. "and when i say always i mean ALWAYS!" Niall finishes and runs into the bedroom screaming becaus eof Harry chasing him. All of you start laughing really hard. NIall comes down the stairs and so does Harry. You look at Harry who sits down next to you and puts his arm around you. " so you ALWAYS talk about me huh?" you gigglle. The boys have went into seperate rooms leaving you to alone. " No " he blushes. " oh, well i thought it would be cute." you say smiling. " Oh than i do always talk about you" he says causing you to laugh.

He stares into your eyes and he crashes his lips onto yours. He lips the bottom lip for entry and you allow it. He explores your mouth with his tongue. He then picks you up so you are straddling his hips and he climbs the stairs to his room without breaking the kiss. "he lets you fall onto his bed with him on top without breaking the kiss. He left the door wide open. He starts kissing down your jaw line and then your neck. He found your sweet spot behind your earlobe and immediatly starts sucking. You let out a moan and he smilles. He starts sucking harder. "Harry" you moan causing him to get harder than he already was. He pulls off his shirt and your hands explore his toned torso.He then takes his pants off leaving him in just boxers. You sit there wide eyed. He chuckles and starts kissing your sweet spot.

"OH MY GOD! CLOSE THE DOOR NEXT TIME!" you hear Louis scream causing HArry to get mad. "Really LOuis!? We were about to.." he screms chasing him down the stairs. You started laughing you arse off.


                                                                                   * 2 Hours Later*

You sat down on the couch watching t.v. With Harrys head rested on your lap. " I love you" He says "i Love you too" you say and kiss his cheek.

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