Touring With My Bro

Ashley Styles is Harry Styles twin sister and Anne makes Ashley go on tour with them!
Will Ashley Fall in love?
Will HE fall in love with her?
Who is he?

Ashley Styles played by Ariana Grande


2. Whats more surprising than finally...


today i woke up and got change into the clothes below

My mum said she had a surprise for me 

so i was like 

"Why not dress in a dress?"

"ASHLEY!!!!"Mum yelled

"COMINGGG!"i yelled back

and ran downstairs

Once i saw the surprise i screamed

"HARRY YOUR HOME!!!"i screamed

i notice his band was here to...but only one caught my eye...Zayn

yeah...i have a crush on him

problem with that?

oh god Louis has grown on me!

well the only person who knows is my bestest friend....Louis William Tommo Tomlinson

yup this face below

is the ONLY person i told


ok back to reality Ash

I pulled away from the hug 

"I LOVE this surprise mum!"i said

"Well thats half of the surprise"she said with a smile

"Whats more surprising than finally seeing your TWIN BROTHER again?"

i said


"Well,Love you get to go on tour with us..."Zayn said

my mouth hung open

"AHHHHHH!GONNA GO GET PACKING!!!"I yelled runing up the stairs

i grabbed my 1D suitcase out from under my bed

and started packing everything


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