*MATURE THEME* Emma thought she was just some other one direction fan. But when she goes to a concert with her die hard one direction fan best friends Austin and Jenna, the sexy plot twist that is niall horan will occur, and will change her life and perspective of herself forever.


5. Unexpected

Emma P.O.V

"Hi everyone!" Niall says and all the girls start screeching and yelling. Except for me of course. But again, I felt those butterflies. The butterflies that I always felt around Bradley (My ex, if you don't remember in chapter one). The butterflies I get every time a cute boy texts me. I don't get why though. I keep reminding myself that he's just a boy from a silly boy band.

"Woah! What a crowd. How did you like the concert babes?" A raspy voice said. I snaped back into reality and saw that it was Zayn. Wow, he was attractive, the way his vains popped out when he smiled. His jawlines. But nothing compared to Niall. Oh Niall. Emma snap out of it..

I could swear my ears were going to start bleeding because of all the screaming. Especially Jenna. My goodness gracious..

About 45 minutes later, it was done. 

It really wasn't that great.

Well I guess we did exactly as the tickets said. "Meet and Greet". Nothing special.

Basically the boys took questions then all the girls lined up too get autographs and pictures with the boys. I didn't want to take a picture so I volunteered to take pictures of Jenna with all the boys. But I did get Liam and Harry's autographs on the back of my phone case.

And then they sang Little Things a Capella and left.

Which was our cue to leave as well.

And so, Jenna and i made our way down the stairs that we had gone up earlier and then i realized that Austin was our ride.


I checked my phone "1 Message: Austin :)"

It read "hey, got bored, left. sorry. xx"

Well great. "We have no ride" I turned to Jenna. "Fuck.." She replied. "I have to pee" I said.

Jenna looked at me and laughed and so we made our way back the stairs to where Paul was standing.

"Could I use the bathroom" I ask

"Sure, but I'm going to have to follow you. And don't you think that you're doing any silly business with the boys" he said and we were off too find the bathroom.

On my way out, Jenna was waiting for me but i guess Paul had left, leaving us alone backstage. We tried to make our way out but we had no idea where we were going.

I wasn't looking where I was going and all of a sudden, i was knocked on the ground, on my ass. I looked up too see a very handsome guy. He looked familiar but he wasn't part of one direction. I think.

He got up first and offered me a hand.

I got up and we were eye level. He had gorgeous hazel eyes. His hair down into sort of a flip. You could tell he had just gotten out of the shower cause he smelled so delicious. Axe I think. He looked at me and then realized that we were still holding hands. He blushed and let go. Then he kinda backed up and i guess you could say checked me out. Then he held out his hand once more, but this time, to shake mine.

I shook it and smilled

"My names Josh," he said "Josh Devine"





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