*MATURE THEME* Emma thought she was just some other one direction fan. But when she goes to a concert with her die hard one direction fan best friends Austin and Jenna, the sexy plot twist that is niall horan will occur, and will change her life and perspective of herself forever.


6. Under One Condition.

Emma P.O.V

Josh Devine. What a beautiful name.

I kept saying his name time after time in my head. Replaying the way he said it. In his voice. Oh his voice..

"..And what's yours?" I snapped back into reality and realised he had asked me a question.

"What sorry?" I quickly replied

"I said, what's your name beautiful?" And once again, his face turned as red as a tomato. I bet I was blushing too. Wait. He had just called me beautiful. That was the first time a boy had ever called me beautiful.

"Emma." I said "Emma Lindsay" Imatating the way he had introduced himself.

"What a gorgeous name" He replied. "And who's your friend?" Jenna! I had forgotten about her. I turned my head to see Jenna. Pale face, shaking, hands over her mouth and on the tip of her toes. She knew exactly who he was. How come i didn't?

"J,J,Jenna. H,Hi" she said shaking his hand a little too much, and then pulling him into a hug. "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JOSH AHH! THE WAY YOU PLAY THE DRUMS I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW I FE...." he stopped her by putting his index finger on her lips and almost whispering "Shh. I love you too" and then looked back at me and winked. She nodded and backed away slowly, still shaking.

Josh came closer to me and put his hand on my hip. "What are you ladies doing back stage so late? Did you sneak in?" he said and winking at me again. Oh, he was so perfect. "Yeah we're rebels like that" I said getting a little closer to him and then walking out of his grip.

"Actually?" he said, surprised.

"Why so surprised?" I said looking at him with one eye brow higher than the other.

"No.. It's just.." And I cut him off "I'm just kidding Devine, our ride left and i needed to use the bathroom" i said giggling.

"Makes sense.." He said. He had one dimple. It was small but anyone could notice it. It lit up his face. He was truly gorgeous. His facial expression changed from happy to concerned. "Do you need a lift home?"

I look over to Jenna who was nodding uncontrollably with her mouth in an O. "I guess we do don't we.." I said looking into his gorgeous hazel eyes.

He looked at me and laughed a little. "Sure, no problem" I looked at him and smiled "Than.." I starting saying something but he cut me off. Three words escaped his mouth, that would change my life forever.

"Under one condition"

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