*MATURE THEME* Emma thought she was just some other one direction fan. But when she goes to a concert with her die hard one direction fan best friends Austin and Jenna, the sexy plot twist that is niall horan will occur, and will change her life and perspective of herself forever.


4. Meeting One Direction

Emma P.O.V

I could feel the anxiety and excitement in the room. Every girl here was a directioner and was dedicated to these boys and i was barely a fan. Yet, i was so nervous to meet them.

Minutes went by when finally a man came out to make sure everyone was here. He introduced himself as Paul.

He named out names:




And so on. Until he got to the name Mandy.

No one answered.

And then I remembered; these aren't our tickets!

"Here!" I say guilty. I had just lied about my name. Poor Mandy.. I hope she's not to sad that she lost her tickets.

"Ok, Stephanie?" Paul says. I look over to Jenna and she gets the message.

"Here" she replies to Paul.

"Ok that's all of you. The boys should be coming out soon" He says as he leaves the stage.

I turn to see Jenna laughing "Hey Mandy!" she says and then grimaces. I was about to make a smart remark but then i heard in a familiar adorable Irish accent "Hi everyone". I turn back to see 5 beautiful boys standing about 3 feet away from me.

I was about to meet One Direction.


Authors note: Sorry it's short. I'm tired. How is everyone? Who's enjoying it so far? xx


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