*MATURE THEME* Emma thought she was just some other one direction fan. But when she goes to a concert with her die hard one direction fan best friends Austin and Jenna, the sexy plot twist that is niall horan will occur, and will change her life and perspective of herself forever.


7. Josh Devine

Emma P.O.V

"I call shotgun!" I yelled, as I was running towards Josh's car.

I hoped in the front seat of his Mercedes and Jenna sat in the back.

I was really tired, i decided to close my eyes and think for a while. The ride would be long. I lived 25 minutes away. I thought back to about 20 minutes ago..

"Under one condition"

"What is it" I answered

"You go on a date with me"

"I don't know..." I replied

"Oh she'll go!" I turned to see Jenna once again shaking like crazy. Goodness, calm yourself I though.

I turned to look back at Josh. His eyes, his perfect eyes. It was like his face was the night and his eyes were the stars. His nose, it kind of crinkled when he talked. It was cute. His lips. His lips we're perfectly pink. They had the perfect shape, ready to kiss.

"What did you have in mind" I said at him. He blushed. He looked suddenly very happy. Why didn't he have a girlfriend? I thought.

"Lopty's Grill" He said. "Tomorrow. Jenna can come as well, I know Harry wanted to go out tomorrow anyways" I smiled. So did Jenna, a little too much.

"Fine" I said "But you're paying"

"Of course"

I opened my eyes and we we're just passing the intersection before my street.

"Turn here" I told him, and he did. Two minutes later, we were at my house. Jenna and I got out and started walking.

"Emma!" I turned around and ran back too the car

"What's your number?" He said. I gave it too him and quickly ran in my house with Jenna. It was cold. I saw the Mercedes leave my driveway and we went up to my room.


Authors note: Sorry it's really short but I'm so tired right now oh my goodness! Lots of drama coming up in the next chapter. Hope you're enjoying it so far! xx

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