*MATURE THEME* Emma thought she was just some other one direction fan. But when she goes to a concert with her die hard one direction fan best friends Austin and Jenna, the sexy plot twist that is niall horan will occur, and will change her life and perspective of herself forever.


1. Concert

"...and live while we're young" my ear drums ringing as the music finally stops, i can hear the crowd cheering as the boys finish there last song.

I've never been that big of a one direction fan. I listen to there music and watch there video's but that's pretty much it

I guess this is a good time to introduce myself.

Emma Lindsay. 15 years of age. Sophomore at my stupid high school in London, England; Water Theresa High. I'm originally from North Bay Ontario but  unfortunately, I was forced to dump my boyfriend of 2 years Bradley, leave all my friends and move to the dump I call my home. Which explains why I'm the only one in my school who doesn't have one of those annoying British accents. I've lived here for almost a year and a half.

Hazel Eyes, Redish Hair  and about 5,2 feet tall. My interest are drama, performing, being a lazy ass and doing everything and nothing on my Iphone. I'm pretty much the same old typical 15 year old. I piss of my parents, i like to party, my grades aren't great and my face is oily and full of acne. Nothing special about me really. I live with my Mum and Dad and my older brother James, who's the quarter back for my schools senior football team and he is a little to fond of himself, we don't talk much.

And then there's my best friends; Jenna and Austin.

Jenna Longrade. Short Blond Hair, Green eyes and not taller then 5 feet. Best friends since i moved here. It's a long story...

And Austin Kingslow. Hair always in a quiff. Beautiful brown eyes and as muscular and fit as a boy can be. At first glance you'd fall in love. Too bad he's gay.

Guess who had to find out the hard way.. Me.

Again, long story..


I clap my hands as the boys bow and thank the crowd one last time. As they make there way off stage i look to my right to see Jenna and Austin crying and yelling

I don't get it

It's only One Direction...

Then again both of them were die hard fans and has a serious case of one direction infection.

Jenna had posters in her room from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. She owned all of there merchandise down to her socks with there faces on them. Creepy, i know. She especially fancied the one with the curly hair, Harry. He was attractive but not i want his face on my socks attractive.

Austin on the other hand. had no posters in his room at all. His love for them was a little more secret considering the fact that his dad was a huge homophobic and if he saw posters of five homosexual looking boys from a boy band on his wall, he would clue in that Austin was, well, you, know, gay.

After a while they calmed down and we started making our way through the endless waves and sweaty, crying girls.

As we were walking i notices two pieces of paper on the ground, they kind of looked like tickets so i just ignored them, but something about them caught my attention and my curiosity kicked in. I leaned down to grab them to get a better look.


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