Thank You

I was 10 when he left me and my mom to protect our country.
I miss him so much. One day my mom bought me and my younger sister\ best friend one direction tickets she brought us came in with us watched the show with us. And then out of the blue we where called up to the stage.
He came back for us he doesnt know about my sister after all my mom had her after he left
We thank people and then it all goes bad...


2. The Letter

Annabelles Pov

Annie sweetheart can you come her for a moment? i heard my mum say

I walked into the living room where my mum was sitting on the couch crying

Whats wrong mum? i asked scared of what she might say.

But instead she stood up and handed me a letter and walked up the stairs to her room.

I sat on the couch where my mum had been sitting and read the letter


                               Dear Lansing Family,

             We are sorry to say this but Mr.Lansing was lost at war.

         We are still looking for him but have not been sucsessful

                        All of are love is sent to your family

                                         -US ARMY

By now I was sobbing then Autumm came in the living room and sat by me read the letter and was crying to but not as bad as mum is. Autumm only met our dad once but she was like 3 and doesnt remeber him.

I feel bad for mum and i wish my dad was here with us now but i can feel it. Hes still alive. I just know it.....

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