Thank You

I was 10 when he left me and my mom to protect our country.
I miss him so much. One day my mom bought me and my younger sister\ best friend one direction tickets she brought us came in with us watched the show with us. And then out of the blue we where called up to the stage.
He came back for us he doesnt know about my sister after all my mom had her after he left
We thank people and then it all goes bad...


1. My family

This is me

I have Brown hair

brownish-blue eyes and i smile a lot to make my sister feel better.

My name is Annabelle but you can call me Annie or Anna

I am 16 and i miss my dad


This is my sister


Her hair is brown and her eyes are pure blue which i would love to have

she loves when i give her piggy back rides around the house screaming weird stuff then we just laugh

Her name is Autumn but i call her Amy (long story)

she is 10 years old and never meet her dad


Last but not least my loving mother

Her blond hair and brown eyes are amazing

she loves when we have girls day out and go to the spa

She misses my dad and i would to if he was gone for 6 years oh wait i have been going threw that to. But seriously they have been married for 16 years and she misses him.

My mom is 39 years old and i love her as much as she loves me and Autumn combined




How is it so far? please comment nobody ever comments on my story so

















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