Thank You

I was 10 when he left me and my mom to protect our country.
I miss him so much. One day my mom bought me and my younger sister\ best friend one direction tickets she brought us came in with us watched the show with us. And then out of the blue we where called up to the stage.
He came back for us he doesnt know about my sister after all my mom had her after he left
We thank people and then it all goes bad...


3. 2 months later

Annie's mom's POV

Annie has been a little off sents  we got the letter from the the army so I bought Annie some One Direction tickets.

2 months later

Annie's POV

Tonight's the concert I had been waiting for 1month this is what I'm wearing


i bought it for the concert along with this i found for Autumn

 my mom said she was going to take us out to dinner after the concert

*In The Middle Of The Show*

They just finished singing moments and everyone was clapping and cheering

 "Okay we have a surprise for three special ladies" Liam said

" We would like to welcome up ANNABELLE ,AUTUMN ,AND JESSICA KERDLIN!!! They all yelled in union

me and mom shared confused glances Autumn just stared at them


Soon enough there where body guards surrounding us and helping us onto the stage.


"So we have a very big surprise for you!" Louis said into the mic

"Well I figured" Autumn mumbled

"what was that..? Did you say something?" Harry said

" what? Me? No. What gave you that thought?" She said i just stood there laughing

"Hey Lou I think someone might take the place of you she is pretty sassy if you ask me" Zayn said

" In your dreams Little girl" Louis said

" Back to the surprise Mike could you come out please?" Liam asked

" DADDY! I yelled when he came out i ran to him and he picked me up and spun me around

"ANNIE" He said as he put me down Then my mom came up and she was crying and gave him a hug

"Mike i want you to meet your daughter Autumn. Autumn come here sweetie this is your dad"

She ran up and gave him a hug and he picked her up when she got to him.

He lead us of stage and we all sat down backstage

I was sitting in a chair with Autumn on my lap. Mom And Dad sitting on a love seat. This was the best night of my life.


so how is it so far?

I want your opinion.










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