Addison Stark has a hard life. Her mother died in a plane crash and her father abuses her, leaving cuts all over her arms, legs and torso. But when a certain curly haired boy comes into her life, does she allow him to heal her or does she push him away?


3. Visiter

I opened my eyes and quickly shut them again, then I opened them slowly, letting my eyes adjust from the darkness to the bright light of the school infirmary. Apparently, I'd only fainted, so there was no need to rush me to the hospital. You'd be surprised how many times I faint at school. 

I turned my head and through my blurry vision, I could just make out the figure of a person that was definitely not the nurse. "Ciera?" I croaked, as my vision started to clear. 

"Nope, she had to get to class. But I have a free period, so I stopped by to see how you were doing." Answered the person. My vision cleared and I frowned. 

"Go away, Harry." I muttered, turning my head. 

"I wanted to know if you'd like to reconsider letting me take you out on a date." He asked, though not phrased as a question, I knew he was still asking. 

"No." I said and stared at one of the ceiling panels. 

"That's it? No, why me? There are girls much prettier than me who would love to go out with you?" He asked again and he was seriously starting to get on my nerves. 

"No, because I know that I'm not ready for a relationship right now. I can barely stand any kind of physical contact, so please, Harry, leave me alone." I told him. 

He grabbed my arm, and I could feel the burning of his skin against the freezing of mine. No. "Did you do this to yourself?" He asked, standing over me suddenly and looking down at the skin of my forearm that was littered with scars. 

"Harry, please, go." I begged, the feel of tears building behind my eyes growing. 

"No, not until you tell me why you would do this to yourself." He persisted. 

"I didn't do it to myself, Harry. Please, leave me alone." I said, pulling my arm away from his grasp and pulling my sleeve down. 

"Then who did?" He asked. 

"Harry-" I tried. 

"Addison, please tell me. Who did this to you?" He asked again and I sat up, moving away from him to where my stuff sat on the table. His hand slammed down on my pile of stuff and I looked up at him. "Tell me." 

"If I tell you, will you leave me alone?" I asked him, taking deep breaths. He nodded slowly. "Fine. My dad, okay? He did this to me. You can't tell anyone! Understood?" I threatened. 

"Addison, you have to tell someone. He's hurting you." Harry said, lifting his hand off my stuff. 

"You said you'd leave if I told you. So leave. Or I'm calling the nurse." I said calmly, climbing back onto the bed and laying on my side with my back to him. 

"Fine. But this conversation isn't over." He said and I heard the door close behind him.

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