Dear You

There are no names. Instead the names are replaced by You.


1. Best Friends Forever...?

Dear You,

I don't understand what I did wrong? 

We first met at the age of four and it was you who came up to me and you who asked to be friends. We spent countless days playing together in the playground and when your cousin joined I welcomed her into our friendship circle with open arms despite the fact that we had created our very own friendship circle. We went round to each others houses almost every weekend and even our parents became best friends. We did everything together. I always gave you advise when you needed it most and you always comforted me when I got bullied in school. Even though everyone liked you in school you chose friendship over popularity - I vowed that I would never leave you and we swore to make our friendship last forever and overcome any obstacles.

Then we went our separate ways -separate schools.

A year and a half later I came back, mainly for you, to relive my friendship with my best friend who I had loved like a sister for 11 years. You didn't love me back. You moved on and forgot about me but I never forgot about you. How is it that in such a short space of time you can forget almost all of your best memories, the whole of your life? You had moved on and made your new friends. The difference between now and then is that you don't comfort me or even talk to me when your friends bullied me. For me, your friendship meant everything so I overlooked it, I even invited you to my birthday along with some of your friends... I was myself, the same person who was a sister to you, I hadn't changed but you were a stranger. Not only was I ignored but your friends lied to me... They said they were being collected by their parents to go home and so I left (going out with my parents myself). I later learned that they decided to all go out together to a restaurant walking distance away to celebrate getting away from me.

Upon returning to school, everyone had been talking about it and blamed me for being so repelling, you sat in silence. Even when you were with one or two of your friends you still tried to impress them by cutting yourself off completely from me, leaving me wandering the school grounds alone at break time -but you already knew that and let me do it. You knew that it was your circle of friends that bullied me into leaving the school yet you offered no opinion. Did you ever regret letting things go that far? Do you ever regret not speaking to each other, even now?

I tried as much as I could with you but I just don't have the energy to carry on anymore.

Love Your Best Friend.

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