In a Magical world where spirits and demons walk among men. one young man half spirit and half human spends his entire young adult life searching for his human mother who is lost in a sort of limbo known as the ether witch all sprits are forbidden to go witch creates an interesting predicament for our half breed protagonist. follow him through the untouched beauty of the majestic oak tree forests to the freezing tundra, all the wail trying to find his long lost mother.


2. The Freezing Tundra

I opened my eyes to a bitter frost that nipped at my nose. And to my surprise I awoke in the freezing cold of the Aetherin tundra. The ground its self was num to the touch of my toes, but it was at that moment I discovered that what where toes for so long where now the paws of an Aetherin white fox. Upon my arrival my shape must have changed from man to fox. With all my glee I gave the largest fox equivalent of a grin as I could give. I quickly brushed the newly Fallen snow off my fur and bounded off in, quite literally lighting speed to the South where I planed to reunite with my father after five years of searching in a foreign land. My god it felt great to smell the clean unpolluted air of the land I call home. Although my speed was fast the journey south from the tundra was long and cold and gave me plenty of time to think. Think of my friends, of my father, and of the Forrest I had grown up. What could happen in five years? Questions such as these only quickened my pace. Faster and faster I ran across the flat baron snow covered ice, as I could see they enormous violet tinged sun set to the West, giving a spectacular show of light reflected off the pail white snow before it hid behind the horizon. The sun was nearly gone by the time I had reached the conifer forests of the far north. Sparse at first, a tree about every hundred meters but as I continued to run the forest grow thicker. Before long I found myself deep in the pine forest as the last rays on sun lighght shimmered off the the sap covered trunks of trees. From the stillness in the air I could tell it would be a long night, yet l kept running. I had to, if I where to stop I would be bomebarded with silence end darkness. Both in amounts large enough to drive the most seine of creatures mad. This would exsplan why no one lives in the conifer forests. As thoughts came and went I continued to occupy myself wail sprinting along the forest floor. And not long after the sun had vanished the moon arose lighting a path through the darkness.   

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