In a Magical world where spirits and demons walk among men. one young man half spirit and half human spends his entire young adult life searching for his human mother who is lost in a sort of limbo known as the ether witch all sprits are forbidden to go witch creates an interesting predicament for our half breed protagonist. follow him through the untouched beauty of the majestic oak tree forests to the freezing tundra, all the wail trying to find his long lost mother.


1. returning home

After five long years scouring the human world for portals to the Ether I finally return to my home. As familiar as I had made my self to the human world I had no regrets leaving such a cruel place. After witnessing five years of disrespect, violence, murder, and war. all these horific actions apparently justified by this "cold war." I no longer cared for human affairs I was to return to Ather, my home land. 

Traveling between worlds is difficult  to explain so I will summarize the process as simply as possible. Ather is a peaceful place of untouched beauty, so to reach a point closest to Ather one must find a place with equal beauty and stillness. Before I continue I will note that no human could ever find such a place as they would not  have prier knowledge of Athers peace and tranquility, thus the task would be near impossible. But not to someone who was born and raised in this world. To a native Forrest sprit of Ather such as myself, finding the correct spot is more than easy. Once the correct spot has been found the next few steps are simple. You will began by seating yourself on the ground and closing your eyes. It is vary important to close your eyes as when the Ether surrounds you, you must not see the Ether or you may never return home. I remember these steps well, as my father taught me them when I was only a small child. Why my father would teach a small child the skills needed to travel amongs worlds is beyond me, I will half to ask him when I return. Once you have spoken the sacred words you will feel the Ether surround you. Oh, the feeling is indescribable, comfort and joy are just two words that can hardly come close to the feeling of being carried off by the Ether. And before you know it, you are asleep.  

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