In a Magical world where spirits and demons walk among men. one young man half spirit and half human spends his entire young adult life searching for his human mother who is lost in a sort of limbo known as the ether witch all sprits are forbidden to go witch creates an interesting predicament for our half breed protagonist. follow him through the untouched beauty of the majestic oak tree forests to the freezing tundra, all the wail trying to find his long lost mother.


3. No Morning Could Be Brighter

I must have run for hours. Running, running, I never stopped, I never got tired, I never sweat. I ran between millions of trees, under thousands of fallen logs, over hundreds of creeks, across dozens of rivers. And now I stand at the edge of the tundra. At the edge ice cold isolation, and the beginning of lively prairie. My journey dose not end here though. Again I will run, my distance is shorter, the sun is rising, I shall reach my Forrest home by the time the sun reaches center sky. And with that I bolted southward toward the prairie, toward the smell of the Forrest, toward home. The grass was tall and sharp, if it where not for my protective aurora the grass could have cut me deeply at the speeds I was going. As I lost myself to the repetitive motion of running I found myself drifting in thought once more. My father, my friends, what could have happened in the years of my absences. As I lost my self in thought a wind began to blow through the expansive ocean of grassland. As much as I wanted to stand atop the crest of one of these rolling hills, and let the breeze run through my pail white fur. I had to reach the forest by noon. And so I run.

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