Light Bringer

Thor/Avengers Fanfiction. Set post Avengers Assemble.

Loki was imprisoned upon his return to Asgaard. Thor stands a daily vigil by his brother’s cage, only to leave heartbroken each evening when the God of Mischief elects to remain silent.
The people of Asgaard cry out for Loki’s punishment and Heimdall tells Odin that the people of Midgaard do the same.
The Allfather seeks the help of Synneva, an Asgaardian who was stranded on Midgaard when the Bifrost was destroyed.

Rated Yellow for safety.


5. Not So Solitary

Synneva had been granted leave of the palace at a late hour and had arrived at her home just after the middle of the night. She had not slept, choosing instead to attend the issue of her armour and think on the Allfather’s request. 
She would do what he asked of her, she was certain; honour and duty bound her so, but she had asked Odin to visit Loki first, before making any final decision. 
Synneva had made the Allfather believe her request was borne of concern for her own safety and that she wished to determine how much of a threat the trickster god actually posed. In truth, it was curiosity and disbelief that heralded her request. 
She had known the palace well, once, and had met Loki in the past, albeit briefly. 
She could see the uncertainty in people as they passed by him in the corridors, but she would never have thought him capable of the actions that resulted in his recent incarceration. If anything, she had felt a certain kinship towards the prince. 
It was no secret that Loki had little interest in combat and had, instead, turned his hand to magic, mastering spells and incantations with ease and a natural aptitude possessed by none other.
Synneva also favoured magic over weaponry when all others seemed only to relish in the feel of cold steel beneath their grasp. She had spoken with the God of Mischief only once before on the matter, a brief conversation ended suddenly as she was bidden to fulfil other duties. Their paths had not crossed since and she even doubted he would remember her. A fact that would give her sufficient leverage in her acceptance of Odin’s request.


Synneva found Thor waiting for her at the entrance to the cavern. She dismounted her horse, handing the reigns to a guard and stepped over to the God of Thunder. 
“It is good to see you again, Thor.” Synneva offered, letting him fold her into an embrace that mimicked his father’s only the day before. 
“And you, my lady. My father informs me that you are able to help Loki.”
Synneva grimaced. There was no question there; it was a statement, one filled with hope and desperation. Thor saw her as the last resort, beyond which there was no hope for his brother. 
She held her hands up in surrender and shook her head, fixing the golden prince with imploring eyes.
“Thor, I will do what I can for your brother, but I cannot promise I will be able to do anything worthwhile. I promise only that I will do my utmost to help him…for your family’s sake and his own.” She finished with a placating hand on Thor’s shoulder. 
The thunder god nodded and desperate, grateful eyes met hers. 
“That is all I ask.”
Silence fell around them as Synneva stepped away from Thor and took a step or two towards the imposing obsidian gateway. Inwardly, she marvelled at the workmanship; it was evident each door had been forged with great care. Runes and symbols littered the metallic jet surface and Synneva found herself drawn towards the left most door. Ignorant of Thor’s attention to her, she slowly outstretched a palm, letting it hover but an inch from the haematite façade. 
An unnamed energy hummed at her fingertips. She released a breath and closed her eyes in appreciation. For moments, she stood in silence, reading the magic woven through the granite. It was powerful, a barrier, a confine, but it was specific also. This cage had been forged for a purpose. Forged for a particular threat.
With a heavy heart, Synneva shrunk away at the realisation. 
“Synneva?” ventured a bewildered thunder god, “Is anything the matter?”
Stealing one last glance at the doors, Synneva shook her head, “No, everything is fine.”
“Good. Shall we enter, then?” 
The golden prince made for the doors, beckoning the guards to open them for him. 
“Wait.” Synneva started. She waited for Thor to turn to her, before continuing, “I believe it would be best if I enter alone.”
The prince’s brow creased, but he received no further explanation.
“Very well. If you are certain that would be best.” 
“I am certain. I shall call for you if I require assistance.” 
Thor gave a permitting nod and signalled for the guards to continue in their efforts to open the portal. The prince watched with a heart full of hope as Synneva entered the void beyond the obsidian gates. 


Loki did not stir as the familiar grating of stone on stone heralded a new arrival to the cavern. He remained on his back, looking upwards through the uneven gaps afforded by the onyx struts above him. Judging by the amount of light streaming in from the fissure high above, Loki estimated it was about mid-morning. Not yet late enough for food and that could mean only one thing; Thor’s visit.
The trickster god closed his eyes for a second, willing the silence to last an eternity. He didn’t know how many more of the thunder god’s visits he could take. He had lost count of the number of lectures he had received. Lost count of the number of times Thor had simply fallen to his knees and begged Loki to let him help him. 
The god of mischief knew that Thor wanted him to speak and he was aware Loki was capable of doing so, despite the muzzle he wore.
At first, Loki had remained silent through spite, but now he said nothing for want of driving the simple creature from his presence. Eventually, it worked; every evening, Thor would leave disheartened and Loki could tell he was slowly breaking him. Thor was leaving him earlier and earlier as the days went by and the trickster god longed for the day on which he would simply fail to visit. After all, what was the point of solitary confinement if you couldn’t be alone with your thoughts? 
Loki’s brow furrowed as nothing but silence rang around him. Usually, the god of thunder had started his beseeching monologue by now. He angled his head to look upon the platform. He could see only the familiar outline of the sentinels lining the edge of the platform. He shifted his weight and manoeuvred into a seated position. 
A small pebble skittered along the ground behind him before rolling over the edge and finding the torrents below with a barely audible, yet satisfying plop. 
Loki twisted to look over his shoulder. Narrowed emerald eyes beheld a female figure standing with her back to him. She leant forwards a little, regarding the water at the pedestal’s base with such intensity it was as if she were searching for the fallen pebble. 
The trickster god rose to his feet with careful, calculated actions. It was only then, did the woman turn to him. 
For a long while, each studied the other intently. 
Loki could tell the woman was about his age. Shorter than himself, but then again, many were. The stranger’s straight raven coloured hair reached past her shoulders and came to a halt just above her waistline. Her attire was simple; a plain white dress whose hem touched the floor, the long sleeves flaring slightly above thin pallid wrists. 
Loki lingered a little as he looked upon the woman’s face. Pale skin canvassed discreet yet elegant cheekbones and was punctuated with a single mole beneath the girl’s left eye. Her eyes themselves were blue, but of an uncommon hue, darker than most. Certainly darker that those of Thor, Loki remarked inwardly with a stifled grimace.  
Loki’s study of the girl completed with the circlet she wore. It was ornate; a single band probably constructed from silver or white gold, an inch or so in width, adorned with intricately detailed ivy leaves in the same metal. 
The trickster god found the stranger’s eyes again, narrowing his own in scrutiny. She, in turn, regarded him with an impartial gaze.
Loki felt frustration rise in his cheeks as her expression gave nothing away. He gleaned wisdom in her orbs, but nothing else. There was no pain or anger, happiness or hope. Her emotions were unreadable and this annoyed the trickster god. 
Have you come to gloat? Come to lord your freedom over me? He spat silently. 
Of course not, Loki. Why would you think that? Came a soundless and unexpected reply. 
The prisoner watched as the woman gave a knowing smile and turned to the side, moving forward a few steps. 
Subconsciously, he followed her.
What is your intention, then? Loki hissed, trying his hardest to suppress his astonishment. He would think on the woman’s abilities later when she had gone. He would figure it out and then use it to his advantage should she visit again. 
The stranger remained silent, but continued pacing. Loki mimicked her actions, suddenly uncertain of this strange woman and not wishing to let her out of his sight. 
Who are you? The trickster god growled when he received no response to his last question.
The woman blinked slowly and she released a small breath that could almost have been a self-satisfied laugh.
You’ll find out soon enough. Good bye, Loki. 
The prisoner felt his eyebrows knit together in shock and bewilderment as the stranger gave a nod in parting and then vanished from sight completely. 
A shiver ran down Loki’s spine. He suddenly felt exposed, uncertainty unnerving him. Was this stranger friend or foe? Ally or enemy? If she were an ally, why hadn’t she freed him? If she were an enemy, why hadn’t she teased or tested him? And how was it that she commanded such magic so as to sneak up on him unawares, speak with her mind and vanish as quickly as she had appeared? 
Left alone with his thoughts, Loki began to speculate on who this woman was. He wondered if Thor might know and paced his wanting enclosure in anticipation of the thunder god’s visit. 
Nightfall came and food was brought to him by a guard, but still there was no sign of Thor. 
Eventually, Loki surrendered and uncertainty settled in the pit of his stomach. He had never expected anyone other than Thor to visit him. Likewise, he had never really expected Thor to neglect what had become his daily ritual. 
Something was changing and Loki wasn’t sure it would change for the better. 

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