Light Bringer

Thor/Avengers Fanfiction. Set post Avengers Assemble.

Loki was imprisoned upon his return to Asgaard. Thor stands a daily vigil by his brother’s cage, only to leave heartbroken each evening when the God of Mischief elects to remain silent.
The people of Asgaard cry out for Loki’s punishment and Heimdall tells Odin that the people of Midgaard do the same.
The Allfather seeks the help of Synneva, an Asgaardian who was stranded on Midgaard when the Bifrost was destroyed.

Rated Yellow for safety.


3. Missed

A rapping at the door awoke Synneva with a start. Sitting up in her bed, she gave a yawn, pulled back the covers and beckoned the bedside lamp turn on with a pointed look. 

Narrowed eyes found the bedroom door as further knocking ensued on the portal in her wanting hallway. With another yawn and wiping the sleep away from her eyes, she swung her legs from the bed and headed for the front door. 
Synneva was careful to keep her footsteps soft and inaudible. She approached the door in silence and leant an ear against the wood. 
“Err…sorry, man…looks like she’s not in…”
“Where else could she be?” 
Synneva’s heart skipped a beat. 
The first voice was the lethargic slur of Roger Higgins, a ground floor resident in the building, but the second voice…
The second voice had been something else altogether.
It had felt like forever since she had last heard it. Deep and smooth, powerful and noble. A voice whose owner was bound by honour and considered himself a guardian. A watchful eye. A gatekeeper. 
Almost without thinking Synneva gripped the door handle and swung it open. 
Roger tumbled into her arms at the sudden absence of the portal, but Synneva’s focus was beyond him. Her eyes, instead, fell upon the titanic, dark-skinned figured, bedecked in golden armour and sporting eyes of the same hue. A strange glass cylinder, containing a pulsing blue cube, swung at his side in his right fist. 
“Heimdall.” The stranded Asgaardian breathed, her face almost unable to withstand the rapidly widening smile.
The gatekeeper regarded her with a perplexed gaze and raised an eyebrow.
“Synneva?” He ventured, the question seeming foreign; a genuine miscomprehension in a usually certain being. 
Synneva’s own brow furrowed and she pushed Roger away from her gently, making sure he was situated by the wall should he fall again. Looking down at her clothes, she suddenly realised what Heimdall was having trouble with. She supposed the gatekeeper would have remembered her differently; last time he had seen her she had been wearing her own armour as opposed to the grey tracksuit bottoms and oversized Minnie Mouse t-shirt she was currently modelling. 
The asgaardian shot him a look that said to follow her lead and then turned her focus to Roger who seemed to be having a similar debate on what was considered fashionable. 
Thinking quickly, Synneva cleared her throat and gripped Heimdall’s nearest elbow, leading him into the apartment. 
“Thank you for showing my friend here the way, Roger…and sorry if he gave you a scare.”
Roger gave a nod, pushing himself away from the wall and absent-mindedly scratching the back of his head.
“Yeah, he did an’ all. Waking me up…middle of the night…dressed like that!” The hand at his head gestured to Heimdall and Roger gave a nervous laugh.
Synneva gave an understanding nod and rolled her eyes. 
“I know; he’s a bit of a Dungeons and Dragons nut, this one. We had actually planned a game tonight. Guess I forgot.”
Roger cocked a crooked smile, his head bobbing lazily. 
“Oh right…right…I played a bit of D & D when I was younger…I could join you if you need an extra player…”
Synneva shook her head and treated Roger to a polite a smile as she could muster. She leant on the edge of the door. 
“Nice of you to offer, Rodge…but, its actually more of a…err…private game.”
The asgaardian gave a mock pout and narrowed her eyes, imploring the half-wit human to understand. 
The man in the hallway gave another half-hearted nod and forced a yawn. 
“Oh right…better leave you to it then, I suppose. See you around, Sy.” 
Synneva watched with relief as the smaller man turned to walk away. 
“Good night, Roger.” She called after him, before closing the door and releasing a breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding. She took a second to comprehend the situation, leaning on the door and staring awe-struck at the gatekeeper in her living room. 
“I thought you’d forgotten about me.” Synneva stated finally, pushing away from the wood of the door and brushing back the fringe of her jet hair with her right hand. 
Heimdall shook his head slowly and dutifully.
“Never…I watched over you; just as I promised I would. I heard you call for me, but I could not reach you; the Bifrost…It was destroyed.”
“I figured something had happened. Though, I imagined worse…I’m glad that’s all it was.” Synneva paused for a thoughtful moment, folding her arms across her chest. 
“What happened, Heimdall?”
The gatekeeper raised his eyebrows and sadness crept into his golden orbs. 
“That is a long story, Synneva…and one which the Allfather will gladly impart to you upon your return to Asgaard.”
Synneva nodded in understanding.
“Right. Yes. Of course. Just give me a sec to change and pack.” With this, the stranded asgaardian made for the direction of her bedroom. She turned back when Heimdall’s voice floated after her. 
“A sec?” he verified.
Synneva grimaced.
“God, sorry Heimdall…what I mean to say is I will not be long. I merely have to gather the items I wish to take with me.” 
She shot a fleeting glance to her makeshift pyjamas.
“And change…I don’t want to meet the Allfather looking like this!”
With a spritely smile, Synneva vanished from sight appearing in her bedroom just a moment later.
It had taken longer than expected to locate the appropriate attire, Synneva realised with a prick of shame. She knew in her heart that Heimdall would never dishonour a promise and, also, that Odin would never forget about one of his subjects. She felt guilty for thinking anything else of them. 
Once dressed, Synneva set to work on her hair, plaiting it and winding it around a single point. She secured it there in much the same way as she had on the day she had first set foot on Midgaard. She added a spritz of hairspray, out of habit, and then stood in front of the mirror to survey her attire. 
Shamefully, Synneva realised her armour was a little tarnished, the leather did not possess the shame sheen as it once had and nor did the metal scale-like embellishments gleam as they should. Running a palm along the embellishments on her breastplate, Synneva also noted a grey tinge to the shirt that should have glistened white beneath it. 
The dunn coloured trousers she wore tucked in to slightly scuffed, brown leather boots, probably told the least of the neglect her outfit had suffered. 
With a shake of her head, the asgaardian realised there was little she could do about it now and figured it would have to do.
Seeking out a duffle bag, Synneva dug around in drawers and rifled through her wardrobe. Within a few minutes, the bag was zipped up with only a few items remaining on the bedspread. 
Ceremoniously, Synneva reached for a thick leather strap with a scabbard attached. She fastened this around her waist and then set the sheath at the most comfortable position at her left hip. Her short sword resisted a little as she fed it into its sheath; further evidence of mistreatment, Synneva realised with a grimace. 
An ornate silver dagger was concealed in the top of her right boot and she secured an intricately forged white gold circlet atop her brow. 
Synneva emerged from the bedroom, shot Heimdall a short, sweet smile as an excuse and headed for the kitchen. Saying nothing, she crossed to the fridge. 
Synneva swept a few miscellaneous packets into the duffel bag and then set about raiding the cupboards.
When she had finally finished, the asgaardian returned to the living room, the duffle swung over her right shoulder. 
She was greeted by a patient, yet expectant gatekeeper.
“I’m ready now.”  Synneva informed with a sheepish smile and feeling like she had taken far too long to get ready.
Heimdall merely nodded and strode across to the front door. He opened it and passed through. The soon-not-to-be-stranded Asgaardian followed, realising what the gatekeeper was doing, but paused at the door jamb. 
A small, sad smile crossed her lips and she inwardly wondered whether she would miss her Midgaard home at all when she was back on Asgaard. 
Surveying the living space for one last time, Synneva swung the portal closed and walked briskly down the corridor after the gatekeeper. 


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