Light Bringer

Thor/Avengers Fanfiction. Set post Avengers Assemble.

Loki was imprisoned upon his return to Asgaard. Thor stands a daily vigil by his brother’s cage, only to leave heartbroken each evening when the God of Mischief elects to remain silent.
The people of Asgaard cry out for Loki’s punishment and Heimdall tells Odin that the people of Midgaard do the same.
The Allfather seeks the help of Synneva, an Asgaardian who was stranded on Midgaard when the Bifrost was destroyed.

Rated Yellow for safety.


4. A History of Violence

Synneva blanched as she felt her knees connect with the unrelenting ground beneath her with a sickening crack. A sturdy but gentle hand curled itself around her left upper arm and lifted her slowly upwards to stand. 
She gave a grateful nod as Heimdall came into view and bent at the waist to brush any dirt from her knees. She found there was little and upon looking up she found why. She was standing in the palace courtyard before the steps leading to the throne room. It was dusk, judging by the amber aura around them and the slight glimmer to the palace walls. 
A few guards regarded her and Heimdall with dubious expressions, but seemed content to return to their watch after no doubt recognising the gatekeeper. 
Synneva placed a gentle hand atop Heimdall’s and immediately felt him release her from his grasp.
“You could have warned me!” She laughed, stooping to pick up her duffel bag which had dropped from her shoulder with the fall and ended up at her feet. 
“Warned you?” Heimdall pressed.
Synneva shook her head, “Well…you could have told me what it felt like to travel using that!” 
She gestured to the glass cylinder in mock anger, “Seriously, that thing is way worse than the Bifrost…Portability: one. Comfort: a big fat zero!”
Synneva looked up at Heimdall and was met with a look of sincere confusion from the gatekeeper. A glimmer of sympathy pinpricked his searching gaze and Synneva mentally reviewed her last sentence. 
“Sorry…” She remitted, her own gaze finding the floor, “I did it again, didn’t I? Guess I’ve spent too long with the Midgaardians...” 
Finishing with a short, nervous laugh, Synneva looked up again to glean a reaction. To her relief, Heimdall chuckled and gave a nod, gesturing that they should probably make a move. 
Synneva followed after him as he made his way up the steps towards the palace. 
The pair emerged through the gargantuan archway and found Odin and Frigga to be waiting for them. Heimdall stopped by the archway, standing as a dutiful sentinel to one side. Synneva continued forth and was, all at once, accosted by the gathered royalty. 
The Allfather was the first to greet her, taking her hand in his and shaking it before pulling her into a short embrace. 
“Synneva, it is a glorious thing to have you back with us!” He pulled away and released her hand.
“It truly is good to be back, Allfather. I have missed Asgaard immensely in my absence.”
Frigga approached her next, placed both hands on her shoulders and drew her inwards placing a soft kiss on each cheek. Synneva returned the gesture simultaneously. 
“You look well, my child. It seems Midgaard did not disagree with you as much as you claim.” Frigga offered a sweet, motherly smile crossing her countenance. 
Synneva did her best to return the expression, but did not feel she could personify the unique tenderness and caring that Asgaard’s Queen was known for. 
“On the contrary, your highness; I have not spent my time on Midgaard idly. I have learned a lot about its people and look forward to sharing my findings with you. The only things to suffer from my venture were my training and my armour.” 
Synneva finished with a passing gesture to her attire, hoping that the King and Queen before her would excuse her appearance for such a reason. She was glad when they both nodded understandingly. 
There was a brief period of silence, during which both Odin and Frigga’s expressions darkened. Synneva was about to ask why when the Allfather broke the silence.
“I am certain, having been on Midgaard at the time, that you are not ignorant of recent events there?”
“I am aware of them. I am also aware that Thor and Loki were involved, though I know not how.” Synneva confirmed, “Heimdall mentioned the destruction of the Bifrost, also. He assured me that you would give me the 411 on the matter.”
The Allfather raised an eyebrow. Frigga’s brow furrowed. Synneva grimaced.
“Forgive me…” She began, searching for the right words before continuing, “I mean to say; Heimdall told me that you would be able to impart the exact details regarding the events.”
Odin nodded and then heaved a burdened sigh.


Heimdall had not been lying when he had warned it was a long story, Synneva realised. Darkness had fallen by the time Odin had finished recounting it for her.
The trio had retired to the banquet hall at Frigga’s suggestion. Synneva had seated herself opposite the rulers of the Realm Eternal and thought it strange that neither of them sought their usual places at the head of the table. 
Frigga had excused herself as Odin began to tell of Loki’s part in the crisis in New York. The queen had said she was tired, but Synneva didn’t miss the pain and betrayal behind her smile, nor the self-doubt and shame in her eyes.
When the Allfather had finished, Synneva took a moment to let the tale sink in. She had no reason to doubt Odin, but she was glad to find that the story fitted in with the information she had uncovered back on Midgaard. 
“And you believe there is hope for Loki still?” Synneva braved tentatively, watching as Odin heaved a deep breath and let his eye find the table top. 
“I want to believe, but I cannot be certain…Frigga believes so and Thor, more so than anyone.”
A thought crossed Synneva’s mind.
“Where is Thor? I trust he made it back from Midgaard well?”
Relief washed over her as she watched the Allfather give a nod. It had not occurred to her that Thor may have been injured in the battle in New York and, having just felt the effects of Asgaard’s new method of transport for herself, it would not have surprised her to learn of any adverse effects an injured party may incur from it. 
“He stands vigilant by Loki’s prison. I believe he hopes to reach him somehow, to help him to atone for his actions.”
“Has it worked? Has Loki said anything since his imprisonment?”
The Allfather gave a slow, solemn shake of his head. 
“I see.” 
Odin inhaled suddenly, stood from his seat and clasped his hands behind his back, turning away from Synneva to face the awning at the far end of the room. 
“Heimdall informs me that the people of Midgaard cry out for Loki’s punishment. Some even cry for death. Here on Asgaard, many others do the same.” 
Synneva remained silent, feeling it best to wait patiently for the Allfather to continue.
“I do not wish for Loki’s execution. It was my fault he did what he did; his actions are as much my own.”
An uneasy feeling settled itself in the pit of Synneva’s stomach. She was unsure what reaction was expected of her at Odin’s last statement, but she felt herself agreeing with it. 
From what the Allfather had said of Loki’s true parentage and how he had learned of it, she realised she could not place the blame solely with Loki. She did not condone his actions, by any means, but hers had always been a philosophy based on empathy and the trickster god seemed worthy of that much, at least. 
She turned her gaze upwards to find Odin studying her, watching for a reaction. Synneva elected to remain silent.
“I have something to ask of you, Synneva, and you must forgive me for doing so…”
“Command of me what you will, Allfather.”
A smile of gratitude crossed the king of Asgaard’s lips. 

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