Secret Angel. (1D)

[ComingSoon] Just an accident...or maybe fait? What was it that really brought Zayn and Ruby together? And what would tear their friendship apart? She was just an ordinary teenage girl, who loved to blog. He was a headstrong, worldwide, teenage sensation. Lessons will be learnt, secrets will be revealed and hearts will be broken.

But will there really be a light at the end of the tunnel?


2. Sneak Peak- Chapter: Going Home.

Zayn's P.O.V

The screams of hundreds of fans waiting outside was overwhelming as I made my way to the hectic exit of my apartment building. Today was insane! The news had gotten out that the guys and I had a few days off from the tour. Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall were already back at their hometowns visiting family but I was still in London making my way home today and fans being, well... fans; they all came to add that extra bit of difficulty.


As I reached the apartment building doors I was met by several men wearing black uniforms. They were supposed to help escort me out of the building without being mobbed by the over excited directioners, but to be honest I normally would just end up getting crushed by them instead of the fans. I smugly chuckled to myself as the crazed fans became more aware that I was approaching, their screams becoming louder and almost deafening. Wow, ok so it's been three years but this reaction still amazes me. Anyway, I need to get out of here before I miss my flight.


The body guards crowded around me, boxing me in as we stepped outside. Immediately, when the door opened, my name was being called by all the crazy fans and I could feel the tugs of desperate girls pulling on my clothes. Ok, so I'm not going to lie, I do love this but sometimes it can get just a little much. I momentarily felt the forceful pull of a girl on my new jacket but quickly pushed her off as the men surrounding me encourage her to back away. Soon enough I was being bundled into the back of the car that was waiting for me. Fans then began to bang on the windows and my patience was starting to wear.


"Come on get a move on mate!" I grumbled at the driver who didn't seem too impressed but tried a little harder to free the car from the crouds. I groaned as I sat in the backseat looking at my phone and trying to ignore the fans bashing the windows but it didn't work. I glanced around at all the windows with fans faces pushed to the glass, their screams getting louder and more desperate. The hits on the window getting more frequant. Until there was a loud bang. The screams imediately paused. I felt the car hit something and before I knew it I saw a girl lying in the road behind the car. Fans were still following us and the car was still moving.


"What the hell man!? You've gotto stop the car now!!" I yelled at the driver in shock.


"Even if I stop now, you won't get to her with all these fans about. Someone will be helping her. Don't worry." The driver replied with an unconcerned voice. I didn't respond. Just looked through the back window watching the girl lie there and hoping she would get up before the car turned the corner and she was out of site.

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