Secret Angel. (1D)

[ComingSoon] Just an accident...or maybe fait? What was it that really brought Zayn and Ruby together? And what would tear their friendship apart? She was just an ordinary teenage girl, who loved to blog. He was a headstrong, worldwide, teenage sensation. Lessons will be learnt, secrets will be revealed and hearts will be broken.

But will there really be a light at the end of the tunnel?


1. Get Involved.

[Chapter 1 Now Uploaded] Hey guys, finally thought of a basic kind of plot for the story after I finish writing 'The Fight Part Two' you can still get your ideas into the next fanfiction by answering the questions below and putting it in the comments. Would really help :) <3 Thank you Love you All! So Excited for this story! :D


1) What would you like, Ruby (the main girl character who's name was kindly chosen by Karisitay) to look like?


2) What extra character would you like to be in the fanfic? I will pick a few of my favourites to include. They can be whoever you want! E.g brother, sister, parent, random person on the street, an animal?


3) Create a setting. Again I will pick a few of my favourites but please make them as believable as possible although that's not compulsory.


4) List a few things you would like to be in the story?


5) List a few things (IF YOU CAN) that you think would make it good, different or better than others.

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