Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


16. wake up


As we were driving to the hospital I was jumping out of my set. I cant wait to see her. I hope she will like my gift. we here I cant wait. we parked and I zoom out of the van and ran to the door. " Mate slow down" I here one of them say. " no. hurry up then" I yelled back. I got up to the counter and ask were Gianna's room is. " up stars. room 14 " she look at her computer. " thank you " I began to wait for the lades. " what room " Louis ask. " up stars room 14" I answer. we went in the elevator and Niall press 2 for the second floor. ding. we here it and the door opened. we fond room14 and opened the door. I saw Gianna's eyes widen when she saw me. " HARRY" she yelled " hi love" I sat on the hospital bed and she gave me a long hug and a kiss. I felt tears down my checks and I also felt my T- shirt wet. she was crying. " I got you some thing " the boys and Morgan went out side the room, so me and Gianna could spent time together. " what is it " she ask. " here" I gave her it and looked in the bag and she had a really big smile on her face. " I love it. thank you baby"  " put it on. I want to see how gorges you look in it " she took her shirt off. she looks gores already. she was having troubles putting it on because of her broken arm. I laughed.  " what's so funny" she got it on now. " nothing" we were looking at each other  deep in the eyes. I went closer and closer to her face. she bit her lip and we kiss. I lick her bottom lip to enter in her mouth. she open her mouth and I put my tongue in her mouth and we played with each other tongue. we did this about 2 seconds till we were out of breath. I look at her " when are you getting out of here ?" I ask " tomorrow " she smiled. yes tomorrow I'm going to spent the day with her. all day long. I had a evil gran on my face. knock knock. " here we come" Louis said. every one came in. " hi Gianna. how are you feeling " Liam ask " good having some pains in my leg and some time having headaches but good" " that's good. " " sorry for taking your boy Gianna but we have to leave" Liam sighed " it's ok see you guy tomorrow " she smiled. " k bye love and get some sleep k " I yelled " ok " I heard her yell and saw her eyes close. I love her but I don't know how to tell her. damn it way can't she be like other girls.

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